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Posts tagged ‘winter growing’

Don’t Throw out the Holiday Cheer this Year – Saving Poinsettias

Saving Poinsettias After the HolidaysHoliday cheer doesn’t need to end when it’s time to put the decorations away and get started on a fresh year. Poinsettias are a staple for holiday décor and we want to help you keep them thriving for next year’s season! Here are a few tips and tricks to keep these beautiful flowers alive all year long.

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Greenhouse Heating Buyer’s Survival Guide

Now that your greenhouse is properly insulated, thanks to last week’s post How to Insulate your Greenhouse, it’s time to consider your options when it comes to heating. Even though greenhouses absorb and retain solar energy, in cool climates a supplementary heating source is still necessary to maintain an environment suitable for growing plants. Installing a heater in your greenhouse will ensure that you can keep growing year round, even during the coldest months. Choosing the right heater for your greenhouse can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Growers Supply carries a variety of greenhouse heaters and accessories and we want to help you choose the heating system that is right for your needs.

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