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Counting Down the Days to Growing Season 2015

Spring flower gardenIt’s almost here. The excitement is building. Here in the Northeast – and much of the rest of the country – it means an end to the constantly accumulating snow and subzero temperatures. If you haven’t read the title there’s no doubt the anticipation is killing you. Yup, it’s time to not only think about growing season, but also time to put plans into action, because the growing season is almost here. If you haven’t been thinking about your growing plans in 2015, it’s certainly time. We’re going to go over some of the preliminary steps to a successful season, including how to get healthy, nutrient-rich soil, and luckily for the snow ridden, there are key preparations that can be made, even if there is snow outside. Read more

Give Your Soil a Check Up: A Guide to Soil Testers

SoilWhen you were little, would your parents have opened the fridge, found the first edible thing they saw and give it to you in hopes that you would grow up to be healthy and strong? Of course not. Just as children need a variety of nutritious foods when they are growing, plants need to have plenty of nutrients in the soil they are growing in. Many growers are already used to fertilizing their plants for best results, but how do you know exactly what your soil needs?
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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Gardeners and Growers: Part 1

It’s that time of year. New Year’s Eve is days away, and, if you’re like me, you’re tired of making the same old resolutions. Instead, let’s make resolutions that we’ll actually keep. This year, why not resolve to become a better grower? No calories to count, no monthly dues at the gym, just your personal conviction to an enhanced quality of living for your family, friends and flora.

  1. Plan before you plant

  2. Planning your garden
    A little pre-planning can sure help when it comes to planting your garden. Take the time to sketch out your garden on paper. This helps to visualize your space and can be very advantageous. Note compass directions, shading and drainage. Choose plants well suited for your soils and the sun exposure that your garden receives. Read more

You Reap what you Know: A Guide to Seed Selection

Seed SelectionThis is a fun time of year to go to the mailbox! Not only is this the time of year to get caught up with Aunt Edna and her cats-via holiday letter, of course-it is also the time of year that the seed catalogs begin arriving. 

These seed companies are smart. They have us just where they want us, and they know it! Just look at all of those fresh veggies posing so deliciously! Meanwhile, we open another can of green beans for grandma’s “casserole surprise.”  You can almost hear your taste buds collectively groaning. So before you go crazy and order “one of each.” Let’s talk seed strategy – here’s what you need to know. Read more