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Bridgehampton Union Free School – Nourishing Children by Nourishing Plants

School Greenhouse
Agricultural sciences and botany are popular subjects in schools everywhere, but what happens when the motivation and interest of the students exceeds the capabilities of the facility they are provided? This was the case at Bridgehampton Union Free School, a small pre-kindergarten through 12th grade school set in an area with a centuries-old agricultural history. Here, the kids had a strong desire to learn but unfortunately also had a lack of growing space. The school found that a Pro Solar Star™ Greenhouse from Growers Supply was the answer they were looking for. Read more

Sam takes on Indiana “Home Grown” Meeting

Flowers growing in a high tunnelThis week we’re going to make a departure from regularly scheduled programming to tell you a bit about what Sam is up to when he’s not in the greenhouses or educating people at our workshops. When we were asked by Vickie Smith, environmental technician for the Dearborn County Soil and Water Conservation Department, for a high tunnel expert to speak at their “Home Grown” meeting, we knew Sam was the right person to send. Read more

Winter Pruning for a Bountiful Harvest

Cat pruning tree

How 'NOT' to prune your trees.

Whether you have a home orchard or just a couple fruit trees in the backyard, winter is the perfect time to prune those deciduous trees. Here are some reasons that make winter pruning a good choice:

Diseases and the insect vectors that spread them are dormant or at least less active during winter. When you prune a tree or shrub, you are injuring it. This injury is the perfect place for insects or diseases to enter the tree. Always use clean pruning tools (sanitize with 1 part bleach/10 parts water) and try to only prune in the dormant months. Read more

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Gardeners and Growers: Part 2

Happy New Year! I’m back with part two of my list of growers’ resolutions, which includes ways to give back to the community and sustainable growing methods. If you missed part one, you can check it out here.

  1. Try hydroponics

  2. Hydroponic lettuce tables Get with the flow! Hydroponics is easy, clean and “green.” Almost any plant that can be grown conventionally can also be grown hydroponically. Hydroponic gardening takes up less space (you can grow in the house), uses less water (water is recycled), and your plants are less susceptible to disease. Getting started is easy. Try one of our kits like the lettuce table. This system is designed to produce over 3,500 heads of lettuce per year! Or call us today to help you customize a hydroponic layout that will produce bountifully year round. Hydroponics is here to stay…don’t miss the boat, catch the wave! Read more

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Gardeners and Growers: Part 1

It’s that time of year. New Year’s Eve is days away, and, if you’re like me, you’re tired of making the same old resolutions. Instead, let’s make resolutions that we’ll actually keep. This year, why not resolve to become a better grower? No calories to count, no monthly dues at the gym, just your personal conviction to an enhanced quality of living for your family, friends and flora.

  1. Plan before you plant

  2. Planning your garden
    A little pre-planning can sure help when it comes to planting your garden. Take the time to sketch out your garden on paper. This helps to visualize your space and can be very advantageous. Note compass directions, shading and drainage. Choose plants well suited for your soils and the sun exposure that your garden receives. Read more

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