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Photos are worth 1,000 words—or $500!

High Tunnel

Do you love taking pictures as much as you love your Growers Supply products? Well, it’s time to get inspired and take some great photos of your favorite Growers Supply items in action because our 2013 Photo Contest starts June 18th! We love our loyal readers so much, we wanted to give you a couple days head start to find (or take) the perfect photo!

Get ready for your ten seconds of fame, because if you win, you’ll be featured on our website and this very blog. Anyone can enter and we’re looking for photos showcasing how you use our products, so get snapping.

The grand prize winner will receive a $500 Growers Supply gift certificate and five lucky runners-up will each receive a $200 FarmTek gift certificate. How’s that for motivation?

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Spotlight on Mike Sossong and his Ever-Growing Raised Bed Gardens


Mike Sossong of Portage, Pennsylvania has been an enthusiastic hobby farmer and grower since the mid 1990s. Since then, his projects have become predominantly focused around vegetable growing. Wanting to provide fresh produce for his family, Mike decided to give raised-bed gardening a shot. In 2012, he purchased six raised beds from Growers Supply® and has expanded his garden by another two beds this year.

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Frequently Asked Questions on the Process from Germination to Harvest

Harvesting strawberriesAfter your seeds grow into seedlings, it is time to transplant them so they can finish out the growing process. Of course, there are many things to consider at the time of transplant, and a variety of questions will undoubtedly come up. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from Growers Supply customers on this stage of the growing cycle.

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Seed Starting Photo Tour – Part 1

Sam isn’t the only one who gets to have all the growing fun! At our Connecticut location, we are incorporating product training into a hands-on growing experience. Last year, we grew tomatoes in raised beds and dutch buckets, and the success we had gave us the confidence to expand our crop this year. We are growing flowers, including petunias and sunflowers, and veggies of course, including everything from jalapenos to potatoes to tomatoes this year. We are also experimenting with different types of growing. We will be growing hydroponically in NFT channels, in raised beds outside again, and inside the greenhouse.

The first seeds to get started were the petunias and jalapeno peppers. Let’s take a look at how we got started:

Standard cell inserts filled with Wonder Soil
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Seed Starting: The Journey from Seed to Seedling

Seedlings in commercial greenhouseEvery spring, garden centers, plant nurseries and hardware stores are filled to the brim with an abundance of beautiful vegetable and flower transplants. While their convenience might be alluring, take a look at the price tag before heading to the checkout line. If you are planning to grow a large garden this year, you may want to think about starting your own seeds, which can be easy, cheap and fun. You will be able to watch the lifecycle of your plants from seed to delicious vegetable. With a few basic seed-starting products from Growers Supply, and a little bit of know-how, your summer garden can be filled with great homegrown produce or stunning ornamental flowers. Read more

You Reap what you Know: A Guide to Seed Selection

Seed SelectionThis is a fun time of year to go to the mailbox! Not only is this the time of year to get caught up with Aunt Edna and her cats-via holiday letter, of course-it is also the time of year that the seed catalogs begin arriving. 

These seed companies are smart. They have us just where they want us, and they know it! Just look at all of those fresh veggies posing so deliciously! Meanwhile, we open another can of green beans for grandma’s “casserole surprise.”  You can almost hear your taste buds collectively groaning. So before you go crazy and order “one of each.” Let’s talk seed strategy – here’s what you need to know. Read more