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Spotlight on Shanahan Middle School and their Growing Green Thumbs

Polycarbonate greenhouse

Shanahan Middle School, in Lewis Center, OH, has been involved in wellness initiatives over the past four years to help students engage in gardening, while addressing the health benefits of consuming unprocessed food. Cynthia Walters, a teacher at the school, is also the initiator and founder of the Shanahan Middle School Greenhouse Project. She explains, “I work with the district to implement wellness-based curriculums and events, and serve as an advocate to improve lunch and snack options for students nationwide.” The Shanahan Middle School Greenhouse Project joins marries sixth grade plant-based learning, the general science curriculum and wellness initiatives to “empower students to make healthy choices.”

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Bridgehampton Union Free School – Nourishing Children by Nourishing Plants

School Greenhouse
Agricultural sciences and botany are popular subjects in schools everywhere, but what happens when the motivation and interest of the students exceeds the capabilities of the facility they are provided? This was the case at Bridgehampton Union Free School, a small pre-kindergarten through 12th grade school set in an area with a centuries-old agricultural history. Here, the kids had a strong desire to learn but unfortunately also had a lack of growing space. The school found that a Pro Solar Star™ Greenhouse from Growers Supply was the answer they were looking for. Read more