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Greenhouse Heating Buyer’s Survival Guide

Now that your greenhouse is properly insulated, thanks to last week’s post How to Insulate your Greenhouse, it’s time to consider your options when it comes to heating. Even though greenhouses absorb and retain solar energy, in cool climates a supplementary heating source is still necessary to maintain an environment suitable for growing plants. Installing a heater in your greenhouse will ensure that you can keep growing year round, even during the coldest months. Choosing the right heater for your greenhouse can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Growers Supply carries a variety of greenhouse heaters and accessories and we want to help you choose the heating system that is right for your needs.

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5 Ways Greenhouse Radiant Heating Beats Traditional Methods

If you’re not using a radiant heating system in your greenhouse, you may be paying too much to keep your plants warm. Common forced-air heaters cause heat to be lost, which means wasted money and irregular temperatures at your plants’ root mass. Stop wasting energy and install a radiant heat system in your greenhouse to achieve the most cost-effective form of heat available. Here are the top five reasons radiant heating is better than traditional methods: Read more

Go Green – Root-Zone Radiant Heating

Radiant heating setupWhen you picture radiant heating, don’t think of that old radiator clanking away in the corner at Grandma’s house. Aside from the nostalgia (and being a good place to dry your mittens), those old-school radiators that we are most familiar with are simply not very economical. Fortunately, times have changed and radiant heating has come a long way! Read more