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Photo Blog – Tour the Technology Center East Grow Rooms

Fruiting Plant Grow RoomThose that have been keeping up with our Plant Profile blog series have been provided with an inside look at how we produce crops here in our controlled environment grow rooms. However, we wanted to offer more than just a brief glimpse into our controlled growing environment and instead offer an all access pass to provide a better understanding of how we’ve converted former warehouse space into two 30′ wide by 72′ long, state of the art grow rooms. Read more

Photo Blog: Better Nature Produce

Growing microgreens in an NFT hydroponic system

Here at Growers Supply, we know that hydroponics isn’t just a passing fad. As more producers realize the benefits of hydroponics and controlled environment agriculture, the better quality fruits and vegetables we’ll find at farmer’s markets and grocery stores. As interest in hydroponic growing continues to increase, small growers such as Better Nature Produce are discovering a niche in hydroponic microgreen production.

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The Life and Times of Lucy Lettuce – The Final Chapter

Lucy Lettuce as a seedling
Is that a speck of dust? A sliver? No silly, it’s Lucy. It seems like just yesterday that Lucy Simpson Elite was born. She was very tiny but we already had big plans for her and all of her sisters and brothers who shared her birth (I mean plant) date.
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