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The Life and Times of Lucy Lettuce – The Final Chapter

Lucy Lettuce as a seedling
Is that a speck of dust? A sliver? No silly, it’s Lucy. It seems like just yesterday that Lucy Simpson Elite was born. She was very tiny but we already had big plans for her and all of her sisters and brothers who shared her birth (I mean plant) date.
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The Life and Times of Lucy Lettuce – Part 1

What better way to get to know how crops grow than by watching one up close and personal?
In this blog, I will be tracking the life and times of one seed in our hydroponic test facility.

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Hydroponics: A Revolutionary Way to Grow

Did you know that soil is not needed for plant growth? That’s right – as long as nutrients are present in the water supply, it is possible to grow beautiful, thriving plants without anything but water and nutrients. This radical way of growing is surprisingly not a new phenomenon, as it was discovered back in the 19th century. Other parts of the world have utilized the system for decades, but our culture has never fully adopted it until recently. Hydroponics is now growing in popularity and, since its acceptance, has progressed to be available in a variety of styles, each with different benefits over traditional soil-based growing. Almost any crop can be grown hydroponically, the most typical being tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, cucumbers and animal fodder. Read more