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Untangling the Secrets of Microgreen Production: Part I

microgreensThis week, we will be sharing part one of our microgreens research editorial series. The following article discusses the research and experiments that our Greenhouse Specialist, Matt Denten has been working on while producing microgreens. The goal of this project is to gain a better understanding of microgreen production as a whole, in order to spread beneficial knowledge to our customers and develop a system that provides an ideal environment for microgreen production.    Read more

Producing Microgreens at Tillamook High School

Tillamook High School Microgreens

Tillamook High School’s Agriculture/FFA chapter has been a major part of the Tillamook, Oregon community since 1949. With a rich history of community service and involvement, along with in-depth educational research, Tillamook High’s Agriculture/FFA chapter has been a positive factor in the community for decades. Max Sherman and his wife, Lynda, co-teach the Agriculture/FFA program at the school, and recently, they found themselves with some extra funding to put into the program. Max Sherman explains, “This past fall we applied for two grants, one was a National FFA Food for All grant aimed at solving hunger and the other was intended to expand opportunities within the Career and Technical Organizations. We received both grants and put that funding towards two Micro FodderPro 2.0 Feed Systems from FarmTek.” Read more

Photo Blog: Experimenting with Microgreens

Growers Supply MicrogreensMany of you may have already heard about the rapidly growing trend of microgreens. Others may have heard of them, but are unaware of what they actually are, and some may be thinking that microgreens must be something that only exists on another planet. However, these fresh vegetables and herbs that stand no greater than 3 inches in total height, give true meaning to the term “it’s the size of the fight in the dog”. Packed with intense, delectable flavor, these pint-sized plants have become a delicacy and are in particularly high demand among high-end restaurants. Read more

New Spring Products at Growers Supply

Growers Supply Spring CoverWith a new catalog hitting homes shortly, we thought now would be a good time to give a teaser of our new product offerings. We are always looking to add new products that match our customer’s needs, and our most recent product additions will not disappoint. If you are not already a member of our mailing list, sign up today to receive our catalog with the full listing of all our 30,000 plus items. Read more

Photo Blog: Better Nature Produce

Growing microgreens in an NFT hydroponic system

Here at Growers Supply, we know that hydroponics isn’t just a passing fad. As more producers realize the benefits of hydroponics and controlled environment agriculture, the better quality fruits and vegetables we’ll find at farmer’s markets and grocery stores. As interest in hydroponic growing continues to increase, small growers such as Better Nature Produce are discovering a niche in hydroponic microgreen production.

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