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The Life of an Order – ClearSpan & Manufactured Products

Manufactured ProductsLast November, we posted the first of our “Life of an Order” blog series, which discussed the process in which our non-manufactured items are picked, packaged and shipped, often times all within the same day the order was placed. While a large majority of our 30,000 plus products fall into the non-manufactured category, some of our best selling products are designed and manufactured by our highly skilled team of engineers, right here in the USA. Larger items, such as a Pro-Solar StarTM Greenhouse, FodderPro Feed System, hydroponic system, ClearSpan Fabric Structure and more, require special care and attention from a collection of specialists, including design teams, engineers and specialized sales representatives, all of which ensure that your product is built to your exact specifications. Read more

The life of an order – Non-Manufactured Items

Packing ordersHere at Growers Supply, we are all about convenience. From our selection of 30,000 plus greenhouse and growing supplies, to our same day shipping guarantee, our mission is to enhance your life by bringing you products that solve your problems and simplify managing your business, home or garden center. To further assist our level of customer convenience, our manufacturing and shipping location is centrally located in Dyersville, Iowa, and our company headquarters and call center, located in South Windsor, Connecticut, is open six days a week. From the moment that you place your order with us, no matter how large or small, we become truly dedicated to getting your product to you in a timely manner, and that commitment has helped us to serve more than 300,000 satisfied customers. Read more