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Keep the NRCS Program Fresh in Your Mind – It’s Always a Good Time to Buy a High Tunnel!

Gothic Style High Tunnel

As the locally grown movement gains more and more momentum, high tunnels are becoming increasingly popular for season extension. The USDA is ready and willing to help farmers get their dream high tunnel for another year in a row! If you haven’t heard of the “Know your Farmer, Know your Food” initiative yet, here is a little description for you. Basically, if you grow $1,000 worth of produce a year and would like a high tunnel, the NRCS may be willing to fund it for you in exchange for three years of research on how it works. If you want a high tunnel for your operation, read on to find out how this program can benefit you.

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Frequently Asked Questions on the NRCS High Tunnel Program

High Tunnel with Roll-Up Ends

As high tunnels grow in popularity for season extension, the USDA is investing in their success. To conduct research on high tunnel production, the NRCS is conducting a program in which they fund farmers’ high tunnels in exchange for three years worth of data on their high tunnel growing. This funding is being sought after by growers all over the country and Growers Supply customers have a variety of questions regarding the program and whether or not they qualify for funding. Here are some of the most popular.

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