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CEA Q&A: What You Need to Know

Hydroponic lettuce tablesIf you’re a fan of ours on Facebook, or have followed our blogs for any amount of time, you may know that we have a strong commitment t not only providing great products to the agricultural community, but we like to teach people about the latest and greatest in different growing trends. We believe that teaching people about these new and upcoming technologies is a great way to excite the communities we serve about new ways of growing more successfully and sustainably.

That said, we are pleased to announce the first of many educational opportunities in our newest facility, Technology Center East, which is located at our South Windsor, Connecticut campus. We will be offering CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) Schools to those who are interested in learning about hydroponics, fodder production, aquaponics and more. Think you may be interested in signing up? Here are some Q&A’s for you to read over and perhaps decide to join us at our first CEA School in November!

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Don’t Press Your Luck! – Why you shouldn’t iron a shamrock and other clever clover “facts”!


In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, we wanted to bring you some fun and informational clover facts! So let’s start right out with the title of this post: Why shouldn’t you iron a four-leaf clover? You don’t want to press your luck! We know— it’s a little lame! Clovers have been associated with St. Patrick’s Day for as long as we can remember, but they are a great crop outside of their association with the Irish holiday as well. Here is some of our favorite information about this plant.

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Special Invitation: Growers Supply’s CEA School in Dyersville, IA

Growers Supply Technology Center Demonstration GreenhouseAt Growers Supply, we don’t want to simply sell you products. We think it is important to teach customers about the most up-and-coming trends in the agricultural and horticultural communities. Our CEA School will be a three-day, hands-on event that covers fodder production, hydroponics and aquaponics. The first CEA School of 2013 will be held from March 19 to 21.
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