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Is Your Greenhouse Winter Ready?

Is your greenhouse winter ready?Fall is in full effect, which means old man winter will be arriving soon. Now is the time to ask yourself if your greenhouse is ready for the chilly months ahead. Whether you plan to close up shop in your greenhouse altogether or keep growing despite the weather outside, you will be able to use some of these helpful hints. Read more

Seed Starting Photo Tour – Part 1

Sam isn’t the only one who gets to have all the growing fun! At our Connecticut location, we are incorporating product training into a hands-on growing experience. Last year, we grew tomatoes in raised beds and dutch buckets, and the success we had gave us the confidence to expand our crop this year. We are growing flowers, including petunias and sunflowers, and veggies of course, including everything from jalapenos to potatoes to tomatoes this year. We are also experimenting with different types of growing. We will be growing hydroponically in NFT channels, in raised beds outside again, and inside the greenhouse.

The first seeds to get started were the petunias and jalapeno peppers. Let’s take a look at how we got started:

Standard cell inserts filled with Wonder Soil
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3 Steps to Repair your Greenhouse or High Tunnel for Spring

Commercial GreenhouseHere comes spring! Sounds like good news, but the experienced grower knows it’s time to get down to business. The beauty of using a greenhouse or high tunnel is having control over the climate. With holes or damage to your structure, you lose that benefit. Now’s the time to make your post winter repairs and do some spring cleaning. So, let’s talk about greenhouse and high tunnel repair.

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How to Choose a Greenhouse Heater

Whether you own a hobby or commercial greenhouse, efficiently heating the space is a must during these cold winter months. It is important that you provide your plants with the right environment in order for them to thrive and Growers Supply offers a variety of heaters to suit your cold-weather growing needs.


Cold weather crops

The first thing you will need to consider is what plants or crops you want to grow in your greenhouse because the temperature needed will be different depending on what you are growing inside. Certain crops are classified as warm-weather crops, such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, while some are classified as cool-weather crops, like lettuce, broccoli and cabbage. Cool-weather crops are best grown throughout the winter months, because they will require less heating to thrive. Warm-weather crops will not be as successful during colder climates, because your heater will need to work harder to keep the greenhouse at the right temperature. If you live in a climate of varying temperature, you should grow warm-weather crops in your greenhouse during warmer months and cool-weather crops during colder months. Read more

How to Choose a Greenhouse

Commercial Greenhouse - Majestice Gutter Connect

Temperatures are dropping, and that means it’s time to get your plants indoors. We know how daunting the process of buying your first greenhouse can be, so we decided to put together a cheat-sheet to help you through the process. Greenhouse growing isn’t just for the professional grower—backyard hobby growers are jumping on board faster than you can say “organic produce!”


The first question you’ll need to answer is whether you are a beginner, hobbyist or professional grower. That answer determines size, cost, and complexity of your greenhouse. The number one regret of most beginners is not buying a greenhouse large enough to accommodate plants, benches and the garden accessories you acquire on the way to getting your growing up and running. As you expand, you’ll want to have plenty of space to accommodate new changes, so make sure you take the possibility of expansion into account when deciding what kind of greenhouse grower you’d like to be.

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