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Give Students the Gift of Growing

Student Greenhouse

Greenhouses are a wonderful tool for growing flowers and produce, but more and more educators are realizing that they have a second benefit that can help children grow into well-rounded, health-conscious adults. Using greenhouses as part of schools’ curriculums is increasing in popularity, as people are becoming more curious about where their food comes from. By adding a greenhouse to school property, children will be able to get out of the classroom and into the fresh air to develop skills that will help them lead healthy, responsible lives.

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Spotlight on Avon Old Farms School and Their High Tunnel Classroom

Avon Old Farms High Tunnel

Avon Old Farms School, located in Avon, Connecticut, is a private high school for boys. The school offers a variety of courses in many different subjects, as well as extracurricular activities including sports, music, theater and a long list of clubs. Last year, the school started a faculty garden, but it soon became overgrown with weeds, producing very little. Avon Old Farms hired Kelly Bull as their garden consultant to help design and operate a more successful faculty garden, as well as a student garden.

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Customer Spotlight: Pat Raunick’s Nurturing Greenhouse

Small hobby greenhouse

The beauty of greenhouses is that they can be as big as any large commercial grower may need, or as small as any backyard hobby grower needs to grow fresh, healthy produce within the comfort of her own home and yard. The latter is the case for Pat Raunick, a Growers Supply customer who purchased a greenhouse in order raise her own produce and to create an activity she could enjoy with her grandchildren.

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Spotlight on Mantua Gardens and their Ever-Expanding Hydroponic System

Mantua Gardens 1

Mantua Gardens, located in northeastern Ohio, has been in business since 1995, and has provided the community with high-quality annuals, perennials, garden supplies and more. In 2012, owner Darin Kelley was approached with the idea to start growing hydroponic lettuce and other fresh greens year round, in addition to continuing with the established garden and greenhouse center. With the demand for locally grown produce, Darin decided to branch out into the realm of hydroponic growing and looked to Growers Supply to help him get started.

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Protect your Plants: How One Growers Supply Employee Kept his Blueberries Safe from Predators and More!

Today’s blog post comes to us from Carlos C., a long time Growers Supply employee and hobby gardener. 

Protecting plants

My wife and I are big fans of pick-your-own blueberries and each year we visit the local orchards to stock up. I planted my own blueberry bushes four years ago, along with strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. At the beginning of each season, I would see tiny blueberries growing, but by harvest time they would always seem to disappear. Obviously the local New England birds were “picking their own,” along with the other critters in my neighborhood. Determined to have my own blueberries for breakfast this year, I decided to install some bird netting over the blueberry bushes.

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Spotlight on Mike Sossong and his Ever-Growing Raised Bed Gardens


Mike Sossong of Portage, Pennsylvania has been an enthusiastic hobby farmer and grower since the mid 1990s. Since then, his projects have become predominantly focused around vegetable growing. Wanting to provide fresh produce for his family, Mike decided to give raised-bed gardening a shot. In 2012, he purchased six raised beds from Growers Supply® and has expanded his garden by another two beds this year.

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Raise the Bar in Your Garden: A Guide to Raised Bed Growing

Raised Bed GardenSpring is here and it’s time to start planning your garden. Why not try something a little different this year and build a raised bed in your backyard or in your greenhouse? Raised bed growing is considered a step up from simply gardening in the ground because you have more control over soil quality. For example, you can aerate the natural ground soil and use it in your raised bed or you can buy soil that contains the nutrients most important for your crop.

Raised beds can grow almost any of the same crops you would grow in the ground, from flowers and vegetables to small bushes and shrubs. With the many benefits associated with raised bed growing, you should consider building one this year so you can garden in it for years to come.

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Spring Greenhouse Prep: Ready, Repair, Grow!

Prepare your greenhouse for spring

Spring officially arrives on March 20, but here in the Northern Hemisphere, March 1st marked the first day of the meteorological spring and we are going full steam ahead towards our growing season and all that comes with it. But despite spring being on the horizon, winter has taken its toll on many greenhouses across the country and growers are faced with the task of repairing and rebuilding any damage that may have resulted from heavy snow and wind. The key to having a successful greenhouse is controlling the environment and making repairs from winter damage to be sure your growing season is off to a strong start! Read on for some tips and recommendations to help you with your greenhouse repair!

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Building a Hoop House – An affordable way to protect your plants and extend your growing season

Finished hoop house

Today’s blog post comes to us from a customer who got very creative with his growing structure. Get ready to learn how Carlos from Connecticut constructed a hoop house to cover his garden.

Why I needed a hoop house

Last year I purchased two raised bed kits from Growers Supply to grow heirloom tomatoes, Japanese cucumbers and eggplants and other Asian vegetables for my wife. Compared to our previous in-ground garden, the raised bed produced a better yield and tastier vegetables. However, we weren’t the only ones that enjoyed the greater harvest – squirrels, birds, rabbits and other critters took delight in this “salad bar.” This year as we were seed starting I began to consider solutions to keep them out of our raised bed garden.

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Solar-Heated High Tunnels Changed Life on Forest Glen Farm

This guest blog post is brought to you by Dallas Flynn, a long-time customer of Growers Supply who realized growing could become more than just a passion if the Minnesota growing seasons were longer. Flynn uses Growers Supply’s ClearSpan™ High Tunnels to grow produce for his family and to sell to the finest restaurant near his home in Frazee, Minnesota.

20' wide by 24' long ClearSpan High TunnelEver since my military tour in Vietnam, I have had an affinity towards gardening. When the mother of my children passed away and I remarried a woman who also loved to garden, I decided to purchase a farm so the kids would have a place to play. In 2006, my wife and I built a home on the property along with some garden plots, and growing became a part of our everyday life. After gardening for some time on our farm, Forest Glen, we knew the 90-day growing season of Northern Minnesota was not long enough to be growing in a garden exposed to the elements. The University of Minnesota saw an opportunity to research high tunnel growth and gave us a 20’ wide by 24’ long ClearSpan High Tunnel from Growers Supply. Read more