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Getting 100,000+ Miles Out of Your Greenhouse!

Greenhouse MaintenanceThere is something about growing in a greenhouse that is very satisfying. Maybe it is all of that oxygen? Or is it the satisfaction of working with your beloved plants on the most inclement days? Maybe it is the great jump-start you can get on your outdoor garden or is it the diverse variety of plants you are able to grow? For me personally, it is the vine-ripened tomatoes for the holidays and throughout the winter! Read more

Bright Ideas for Lighting Your Greenhouse

Greenhouse with HPS lightsLighting plays a major role in our everyday lives. From bedside lamps, to dining room chandeliers, to parking lot security lights, everywhere we go lighting is a necessity. So, it only makes sense that lighting would be critical in the lives of plants as well. There are many forms of lighting on the market today, and it is important to know which type is most fitting for your individual needs. Here’s a guide to the types available and where they can be used in your greenhouse or garden center.

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