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Spotlight on Texas Triffid Ranch—Part 2: “Killer Attack Rose of Evil Doom”

Texas Triffid RanchThis week, guest blogger Emily Goldsher continues her conversation with Paul Riddell of the Texas Triffid Ranch. If you missed last week’s introduction to Paul Riddell and the Texas Triffid Ranch, read it here.

You are something of a horticultural mad scientist―would you care to explain the “Kareds” concept?

The “Kareds” idea started when a friend asked me to help her move a particularly tough and pernicious rose. This had such a reputation for blood-letting that she called it “Kared,” short for “Killer Attack Rose of Evil Doom.” Kared was such a tough rose that cuttings practically rooted the moment they touched the ground, and I got a good two dozen healthy but thirsty plants off that one move. The roses were so popular that I realized that I could find a lot of homes for other similar oddball orphans, so I keep an eye open for plants that may make Martha Stewart scream in horror, but would make Morticia Addams squeak with joy.
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Spotlight on Texas Triffid Ranch—Interview with a Mad Horticultural Scientist

Texas Triffid RanchThis post is brought to you by guest author, Emily Goldsher. Emily is a communications strategist living in New York City.

If you think you know everything there is to know about growing, you’re wrong. If you think you’ve seen it all—every plant, every flower and every crop—The Texas Triffid Ranch is about to prove you haven’t. Run by former science fiction writer Paul Riddell, The Texas Triffid Ranch specializes in “Odd Plants and Oddities for Odd People.” For the folks that work with and buy from Riddell, odd specifically means carnivorous and otherwise exotic plants—not exactly the normal greenhouse fare! Read more