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Spotlight on Mid Atlantic Growers and their “Jersey-Fresh Flowers and Plants”

Mid Atlantic Growers 1
Growing is not as easy as mixing seeds with a little dirt, water and sunlight as some might think. Different plants thrive in different environments, so when you choose a seed or start, make sure you look into everything it needs to grow into a strong, healthy plant. Providing the perfect growing environment for your plants may cause you to spend a little more time planning now, but you will be so surprised by the results down the road that it will be worth it. For example, Ron Harrison, of Mid Atlantic Growers, discovered that the ideal growing environment made all the difference at his wholesale growing business in New Jersey. Read more

Spotlight on Clifford O. and His Rare Own-Root Roses

Cold frame without poly filmWhat started as a friendly gesture back in 2001 to help an elderly neighbor care for her roses, grew into a lifelong passion for maintaining what is today one of the largest and most diverse private rose collections in the United States. Cliff O. grows over 5,000 roses and rose seedlings in the California high desert near Palm Springs.

Roses in cold frameCliff hadn’t always been growing in the high desert, however, as his previous growing experience had been in the low desert where he was used to the steady environment. In his transition to the high desert, he found it very difficult to care for his delicate plants the way he was accustomed to, because the moderate temperatures during the day would drastically change to freezing temperatures at night. The strong winds of the high desert provided additional challenges. Cliff had been relying on shade cloth alone, but he knew he would need additional shelter for his plants to protect them from the freezing nights. Read more

Getting to Know the High Tunnel

Pro Solar Star High TunnelHigh tunnels are helping growers everywhere to extend their season, or even grow all year long. You may have heard about high tunnels through the current NRCS program, “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” which is awarding funding to growers who want to start using high tunnels. Here at Growers Supply, we have been following this program closely and doing our best to teach our customers, and fellow growers like you, about the many benefits of high tunnel production.

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Top 10 Reasons You Should Own a High Tunnel

Pro Solar Star High Tunnel
High tunnels are the newest craze in the growing community and at Growers Supply, we love them! Do you have one yet? If not, here are the top ten reasons a high tunnel can change your growing operation for the better, whether you are a hobbyist or own a big garden center. Read more