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Our blog has moved

growers-supply-3We’ve moved our blog to a more convenient location. As of October 21,2016, we will no longer be actively posting here on our WordPress account. Instead, the blog will now be residing directly on our website This will allow us to share our articles with a larger audience, and you will now be able to find the most updated blog content, learn more information about our products and services and quickly shop for products all in one location.

Thank you for supporting us on our WordPress blog over the years. We look forward to you keeping up with us in our new location. You can easily access our new blog anytime by visiting

Blooming Blogs – More of our Favorite Blogs from Across the Industry

A robin is a sure sign of springI saw a robin last Thursday but after last night’s rain, today is the first day I have seen them digging for worms. Sweet! Spring is indeed springing in the heartland! I’m sure all of you have been observing similar signs of Mother Nature wherever you may be located. As we all gear up for spring, we wanted to share with you some more of our favorite blogs and websites that we find especially helpful and informative. With all of the information out there, and never knowing who to trust, we felt that it would be nice to have a concise list available for you of some trusted sites to save you time and money this season. Please enjoy our friends’ works and tips that you will find here. Read more

You Had Me at ‘Blog’ – Our Favorite Blogs (and more) from Across the Industry

Candy HeartsHappy Valentine’s Day! All this sentimental talk got me to thinking about what I love. As you know by now, I love growing and bringing to my table the crops that I grow. If you’re the same way, here is a great list of blogs and websites you will LUV 2! Read more