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Gone Fishin’ – Growers Supply Dives into Aquaponics

GS Aquaponics system

At Growers Supply, we are always looking to try out new things. We stay up to date on the latest innovations and try to delve into new markets as often as we can. That’s why we are so excited to announce that not only do we have a great new aquaponic system at our Iowa location, but we have developed a line of aquaponic systems that will make its debut in our August catalog!

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Elma High School Installs Greenhouse for Aquaculture Facility

This guest blog post comes to you from Dave Rutherford of Elma, Washington. Rutherford is a teacher at Elma High School, where the faculty and students are working with the Elma Agriculture Department to stock local rivers and lakes with fish. The aquaculture tanks the fish are grown in are located in a 30′ wide by 60’ long Pro Solar Star™ Greenhouse from Growers Supply.

Growers Supply Aquaculture FacilityThe Elma Agriculture Department was faced with an aging aquaculture facility that was no longer efficient and was costing a sizeable sum in sewer costs. Instructors at our school looked at a series of possible solutions, but upon the discovery of an existing drainage facility in another area, it was determined that a new building would be needed. Since the structure was going to be located at Elma High School, the needs of the students were taken into account and the aquaculture-only laboratory was changed to a more sustainable, multi-use laboratory. Space was limited, but it was determined that a 30′ by 60′ greenhouse would fit in the best location to utilize the existing drain system. Read more