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Plant Profile: Corn, On Deck Hybrid

Hydroponic CornRight now at our South Windsor, Connecticut campus we are growing a crop that is far from your typical hydroponic produce.  We’ve recently started growing a sweet, bi-color variety corn in our Micro Dutch Bucket System.  Since we didn’t see any reason why we couldn’t grow hydroponic corn, we were thrilled when our corn began growing successfully.   For those that don’t know, the Micro Dutch Bucket system is a compact system made up of four buckets set on top of a reservoir tank, it is perfect for the average home owner.   This system is neat, because it allows you to grow plants in small areas.  The corn has been very successful; we already have 4 ears grown, and we hope this experiment will inspire others.  You can learn all about our latest experiment in this month’s plant profile. Read more

Plant Profile: Shiro Baby White-Stem Pac Choi

Shiro Baby White-Stem Pac choiHere at our South Windsor campus, we recently started growing Shiro Baby White-Stem Pac Choi in our GT70 Vertical NFT system.  We have grown this plant in some of our other systems here before, but in the spirit of advancing our hydroponic expertise, we decided to experiment with our vertical system.  What this research revealed, is that plants like Spinach, Kale and Pac Choi grow great in this type of system.  We’ve continued this research by growing other crops in the vertical system, but none of them have grown as full, especially when compared to the Shiro Baby White-Stem Pac Choi.   Learn more on how our experiment went in this month’s plant profile. Read more

Plant Profile: Albion Strawberries

Albion StrawberriesHow many people knew that it was possible to grow fresh strawberries aeroponically?  Well it is possible!  At our South Windsor, Connecticut campus we have Albion Strawberries growing in our new aeroponics system, and they’ve been growing since February.   For those that don’t know, the GrowTek Vertical Aeroponics System is a vertical tower system that can hold as much as 220 plants at a time.   This system is neat, because you can grow many crops at once in a small space.  The strawberries have been very successful, and we hope that you will have the same luck.  You can learn more about how to grow strawberries in our aeroponics system in this month’s plant profile. Read more

Plant Profile: Nufar-Basil

Nufar BasilWe are excited to feature the first crop in our Plant Profile series that is produced in our aquaponics system.  So what is this plant you ask?  Well, it’s basil, Nufar Basil to be exact.  We have it growing in our aquaponics greenhouse, which is located at our Dyersville, Iowa campus.  We have recently updated and re-designed both our aquaponics system and building within the past year, and we are pretty excited about our new setup.  We have been experimenting with several different types of plants, and we are happy to say, Nufar Basil has been a huge success.  You can learn all about growing this crop for yourself in either a hydroponic system or aquaponics system below. Read more

Plant Profile: Marnero Tomatoes

Photo courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds

Photo courtesy of Johnny’s Selected Seeds

There is a new crop in town here in our company headquarter’s grow rooms, and we are very excited to share it. While it isn’t a new crop for everyone, it is the first time we have ever grown it here, and so far we like what we have seen from our Marnero Tomatoes. We haven’t even harvested our first tomato yet, but for horticulture fanatics like us, it’s been hard to keep this under wraps for so long. You can learn about caring for your own crop of young tomatoes in this month’s plant profile. Read more

Plant Profile: Tropicana Lettuce

Tropicana LettuceIn our final blog before the holiday season, we’ve decided to highlight one of our favorite crops, Tropicana Lettuce. We’re currently growing Tropicana in our Iowa greenhouse, and considering that this lettuce variety was developed with greenhouse growing in mind, we have a steady stream of Tropicana Lettuce on hand year-round. Learn all about caring for Tropicana Lettuce and find out how we do it in our own greenhouse in this month’s Plant Profile. Read more

Plant Profile: Katrina Cucumber

Katrina CucumbersLast month we introduced our new plant profile series with a summertime favorite, Favorita Cherry Tomatoes. This month, we wanted to continue to highlight the benefits of controlled environment growing by featuring another summertime favorite that we are growing even in this cool weather, the Katrina Cucumber. Only 6 inches in length at full maturity, these thin skinned, seedless cucumbers make an excellent addition to salads or provide a quick, tasty snack. Read on to learn all about caring for Katrina Cucumbers and see how we grow them here in our state-of-the-art indoor grow room in this month’s plant profile. Read more

Plant Profile: Favorita Cherry Tomatoes

Favorita Tomatoes

Photo credit: De Ruiter

At Growers Supply, we love growing. Our greenhouses and grow rooms are jam packed with dozens of varieties of vegetables and herbs all grown with hydroponic or aquaponic techniques. I mean, if you think about it, it would be kind of weird if we didn’t love growing. We geek out over the tiniest details and are passionate about the success of all growers, large and small. Read more