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Customer Spotlight: High Tunnels at Meyers Farm

Meyers Farm High Tunnel

Location Bethel, Alaska

Challenge – Extend the growing season

Solution – Two Gro-Max Gothic High Tunnels & Two Premium Round Style High Tunnels

Size – 30’ wide x 96′ long

Application – Growing produce for local community

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Could Hydroponics be the Answer to California’s Latest Drought?

HydroponicsCalifornia’s latest drought has been a fixture all over national news for the past few months. Throughout history the unpredictable climate of the Golden State has always left farmers guessing into the amount of rain the state will receive during the year. The Governor of the State, Jerry Brown, recently ordered all citizens to cut their water usage by 25 percent, further hammering home the point that this drought is becoming a very serious problem. Knowing that farmers in California have already suffered the brunt force of this drought, Brown has left farmers exempt from this 25 percent slashing, but has ordered some holders of water-rights claims to stop draining water. The fact is though, most farmers have close to no water left, and with no end to the drought in sight, many farmers are considering all alternative options to save water. Read more

Plant Profile: Corn, On Deck Hybrid

Hydroponic CornRight now at our South Windsor, Connecticut campus we are growing a crop that is far from your typical hydroponic produce.  We’ve recently started growing a sweet, bi-color variety corn in our Micro Dutch Bucket System.  Since we didn’t see any reason why we couldn’t grow hydroponic corn, we were thrilled when our corn began growing successfully.   For those that don’t know, the Micro Dutch Bucket system is a compact system made up of four buckets set on top of a reservoir tank, it is perfect for the average home owner.   This system is neat, because it allows you to grow plants in small areas.  The corn has been very successful; we already have 4 ears grown, and we hope this experiment will inspire others.  You can learn all about our latest experiment in this month’s plant profile. Read more

Plant Profile: Shiro Baby White-Stem Pac Choi

Shiro Baby White-Stem Pac choiHere at our South Windsor campus, we recently started growing Shiro Baby White-Stem Pac Choi in our GT70 Vertical NFT system.  We have grown this plant in some of our other systems here before, but in the spirit of advancing our hydroponic expertise, we decided to experiment with our vertical system.  What this research revealed, is that plants like Spinach, Kale and Pac Choi grow great in this type of system.  We’ve continued this research by growing other crops in the vertical system, but none of them have grown as full, especially when compared to the Shiro Baby White-Stem Pac Choi.   Learn more on how our experiment went in this month’s plant profile. Read more

Finding your manure match

ManureWhile it’s certainly not a glamorous job, spreading manure in crop fields, garden beds, high tunnels and more has proven highly beneficial in terms of crop yield and quality. When carefully planned, spreading manure can prove to be a cost-efficient manner of both soil management and fertilizer. Many farmers assume that all manure acts the same way, so very little research is done beforehand, leading to poor manure choices, which can damage crops and lead to long-term soil damage. This week, we will be covering some of the most commonly used manures and discussing the positives and negatives of each type. Provide your fields and crops with the nutrition they need by selecting the right manure for you. Read more

FarmTek Greenhouses – The Martha Stewart Blog

Martha Stewart blog Read more

Plant Profile: Albion Strawberries

Albion StrawberriesHow many people knew that it was possible to grow fresh strawberries aeroponically?  Well it is possible!  At our South Windsor, Connecticut campus we have Albion Strawberries growing in our new aeroponics system, and they’ve been growing since February.   For those that don’t know, the GrowTek Vertical Aeroponics System is a vertical tower system that can hold as much as 220 plants at a time.   This system is neat, because you can grow many crops at once in a small space.  The strawberries have been very successful, and we hope that you will have the same luck.  You can learn more about how to grow strawberries in our aeroponics system in this month’s plant profile. Read more

Marketing Produce to Restaurants

Buy LocalThink ahead to your first harvest of 2015: you have a field or greenhouse filled with beautiful, lush and highly profitable crops waiting to be sold. The tomatoes are plumper and redder than ever and the heads of hydroponically grown lettuce have broad leaves that are the ideal shade of green. Maybe it’s even your best growing year to date. Sure, you can put your produce in your roadside stand, invite customers to pick their own or travel the region displaying your handiwork at local markets, but this year you know that your harvest is worth more and want something different for it.

Well, marketing your produce to local restaurants could be the perfect way to boost its worth and get it into the hands of those that truly appreciate it. In order to get your goods into the local restaurants you’ll have to be aware of local and national food trends, familiarize yourself with local restaurants, produce marketing materials and set up meetings with local chefs, managers and restaurateurs. Read more

Now’s the time to grow professionally

Commercial crop productionThere really hasn’t been a better time to take your hobby growing operation to the professional level. Growing professionally is a great way to earn a primary income or supplement your current job with another pay check. If you currently have a smaller-scale growing operation it can be relatively easy to take it to the next level. Between the ability to acquire government funding, the current appreciation that food culture places on fresh, locally grown produce and the ability to grow year-round, now is the time to start planning your next business move. Read more

Growers Supply introduces new Rolling Bench with Propagation Tray

Rolling Tray & Propagation BenchAs an industry leading manufacturer and distributor of gardening, growing and nursery supplies, we here at Growers Supply strive to offer the widest selection of products to suite any need. The recent addition of our new Rolling Bench with Propagation Tray enables greenhouse growers to quickly and easily transplant seedlings from propagation trays to Dutch Buckets, NFT systems and more.

The 48”W x 96”L grow bench saves time on preparation and transplanting, enabling you to spend less time preparing and more time growing. Featuring a strong, corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel frame with casters, this tray glides throughout your growing space. Capable of holding 1,000 lbs. while stationary or 300 lbs. when moving, the new Rolling Bench with Propagation Tray offers a helpful hand to greenhouse growers everywhere.

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