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Raise the Bar in Your Garden: A Guide to Raised Bed Growing

Raised Bed GardenSpring is here and it’s time to start planning your garden. Why not try something a little different this year and build a raised bed in your backyard or in your greenhouse? Raised bed growing is considered a step up from simply gardening in the ground because you have more control over soil quality. For example, you can aerate the natural ground soil and use it in your raised bed or you can buy soil that contains the nutrients most important for your crop.

Raised beds can grow almost any of the same crops you would grow in the ground, from flowers and vegetables to small bushes and shrubs. With the many benefits associated with raised bed growing, you should consider building one this year so you can garden in it for years to come.

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Spring Greenhouse Prep: Ready, Repair, Grow!

Prepare your greenhouse for spring

Spring officially arrives on March 20, but here in the Northern Hemisphere, March 1st marked the first day of the meteorological spring and we are going full steam ahead towards our growing season and all that comes with it. But despite spring being on the horizon, winter has taken its toll on many greenhouses across the country and growers are faced with the task of repairing and rebuilding any damage that may have resulted from heavy snow and wind. The key to having a successful greenhouse is controlling the environment and making repairs from winter damage to be sure your growing season is off to a strong start! Read on for some tips and recommendations to help you with your greenhouse repair!

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Grow Your Own Way: A Guide to Growing Media

Greenhouse starts

In today’s world, growing plants is not as simple as just putting seeds in soil and adding water and light. As technology has advanced, the choices growers are faced with have expanded immensely. Many types of growing media have been developed that include the nutrients necessary for plants to grow. Here is a sampling of our favorite types that you may want to try when starting your seeds this spring.

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Don’t Throw out the Holiday Cheer this Year – Saving Poinsettias

Saving Poinsettias After the HolidaysHoliday cheer doesn’t need to end when it’s time to put the decorations away and get started on a fresh year. Poinsettias are a staple for holiday décor and we want to help you keep them thriving for next year’s season! Here are a few tips and tricks to keep these beautiful flowers alive all year long.

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Give the Gift of Growing this Holiday Season!

Growers Supply Holiday Gift CenterIt’s that time of year again! If you’re like most people, there is a good chance there are a few stragglers on your holiday gift list. You know, those people who either already have everything or who are just too picky to ever know what to get them! Here at Growers Supply, we put together a few lists of our own that are meant to help you with those outstanding gifts, giving you more time to relax this holiday season. Each list is categorized by price, so finding a gift to fit any budget is easy. Here are a few of these items that we think could be perfect for those hard-to-gift folks on your list!

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Greenhouse Heating Buyer’s Survival Guide

Now that your greenhouse is properly insulated, thanks to last week’s post How to Insulate your Greenhouse, it’s time to consider your options when it comes to heating. Even though greenhouses absorb and retain solar energy, in cool climates a supplementary heating source is still necessary to maintain an environment suitable for growing plants. Installing a heater in your greenhouse will ensure that you can keep growing year round, even during the coldest months. Choosing the right heater for your greenhouse can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Growers Supply carries a variety of greenhouse heaters and accessories and we want to help you choose the heating system that is right for your needs.

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How to Insulate your Greenhouse with TekFoil™ Reflective Insulation

Temperatures are finally dropping and winter is settling in. Hopefully, you have installed heaters in your greenhouse so you can keep growing regardless of the weather, but did you remember to insulate? Insulating your greenhouse with TekFoil can greatly reduce the amount you spend on heating your greenhouse because less heat will be able to escape. Growers Supply carries many varieties of TekFoil Insulation, so it is important to know which one is right for your application. Read more

Bright Ideas for Lighting Your Greenhouse

Greenhouse with HPS lightsLighting plays a major role in our everyday lives. From bedside lamps, to dining room chandeliers, to parking lot security lights, everywhere we go lighting is a necessity. So, it only makes sense that lighting would be critical in the lives of plants as well. There are many forms of lighting on the market today, and it is important to know which type is most fitting for your individual needs. Here’s a guide to the types available and where they can be used in your greenhouse or garden center.

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Sensaphone®: Protect Against the Unexpected in your Home, Garden Center or Greenhouse

Whether you own a nursery or garden center, or even a home, we understand that you want to keep your property safe so that you can enjoy some time away. Most people lock their doors before leaving their business for the night, going to bed or heading off to vacation, but why not install a little extra protection that lets you know your property is looked after even when you are miles away? Sensaphone is the market leader of affordable, easy-to-use devices that monitor your home, business, vacation home, greenhouse, high tunnel, nursery building or garden center. With Sensaphone systems you can monitor power outages, temperature fluctuation, water damage, intrusions and more.

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Cover your Bases this Growing Season: A Guide to Ground Cover

What do you think of when you hear ground cover? It is really a “blanket” term, covering everything from decorative plants, to frost protection to erosion control products. We like to think of it as any material that can be used to protect crops against predators such as frost, weeds and insects. Ground cover can also be used to control temperature, moisture and sunlight levels and even for landscaping applications. Ground cover of all types can help your plants grow and thrive, making them healthier and more marketable.


The more protected your plants are from frost, the later into the fall you can continue to grow. Extending your growing season means more harvests and more produce that you can take to market or enjoy with your family and friends. Frost protection can be accomplished with ground cover by using frost blankets or row cover.

Frost blankets are like a large fabric sheet that you simply place directly over your shrubs and plants. This creates a layer under the blanket to trap heat from the ground, while keeping frost out. In order to keep freezing temperatures away from your crops, all sides of the frost blanket should be sealed. Read more