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Introducing our new GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures website

GH Screen ShotGrowers Supply, the industry-leading manufacturer of greenhouse structures with over 40 years experience and 14,000 structures in the field today, is proud to announce the launch of its new GrowSpan website. The site can be found at, and it represents the culminations of Growers Supply’s greenhouse rebranding efforts.

The newly created site lends itself to more greenhouse focused content and allows greenhouse structure customers to quickly gather the information that is pertinent to them. The site’s Request a Quote feature will also allow customers to quickly obtain project-specific information and quotes via an online submission form.

PrintThe GrowSpan website will encompass the brand’s entire greenhouse structure line, and will allow customers to quickly browse GrowSpan’s product offerings, which include commercial greenhouses, professional greenhouses, high tunnels, hobby greenhouses, cold frames, cannabis greenhouse solutions, light deprivation systems and more.

The site was built using the latest technology for superior functionality and improved navigation. Customers will have the option to browse the site by the industry they work in or the type of structure they are looking for. Customers can view GrowSpan’s recent projects, video library and recent news features, while also being able to request literature and sign up for GrowSpan’s newsletter.

For more information, visit or call a Greenhouse Specialist at 800.476.9715.

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