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2015 Photo Contest Honorable Mentions

entry 5 - plants in greenhouse

Our 2015 photo contest supplied us with literally hundreds of new customer submitted product photos, and our winning photos were just a small sampling of the great photos we received. If you haven’t had a chance to see our 2015 winning submissions yet, you can learn all about them in our 2015 Photo Contest Winners blog posted last week. With such a collection of high-quality submissions this year, we wanted to take a moment to share some of our other favorites with our Honorable Mentions category.

Most Artistic Photo – Christine Wisneski

Christine Wisneski - Most Artisitic

We really enjoy the unique perspective of something so simple that we all take part in each day. Combining the tight zoom and evening sun made this one of our most eye-catching submissions by far.

Best High Tunnel Photo – Dean Braatz

Dean Braatz - Best High Tunnel

Choosing our top high tunnel photo was perhaps the toughest challenge of all for us this year. With season extension gaining in popularity, high tunnels were one of our most commonly photographed products this year, and we’re certainly not complaining about it! This particular photo stood out to us due to the “plants-eye” view that it offers. Getting down to the crops’ level truly does make this a HIGH tunnel.

Best Animal Photo – Karlie Ries

Karlie Ries - Best Animal Photo

Over the years, we have seen our PolyMax Poultry Flooring used for many different applications. We have seen them used for dog kennel flooring, attic/loft flooring, greenhouse benches and even used as roof racks on vehicles. However, of all the uses we have seen, flooring for a fox kennel is a new one. We can’t say we are surprised by it though, the polypropylene coating inhibits bacterial growth and the 7/8 inch square openings allow for rain, snow and waste to drop safely below, which helps keep your furry little friends clean and safe.

Most Unique Product Use – Mike Benson

Mike Benson - Most Unique Use

We have to admit, when we first saw this photo, we were a little unsure of what exactly we were looking at. At first glance it looks somewhat like a bobhouse used for ice fishing, however this transportable cabin was not built with any hopes of ever reeling in a trophy fish from the frigid depths. This crafty construction is actually a mobile playhouse. According to photographer and head foreman of the job, Mike Benson, his grandchildren wanted a playhouse, but they couldn’t decide on a specific location for it. To solve the problem, Beson built the playhouse of their dreams on top of our EZ-Haul Utility Trailer with Hitch & Deck. The playhouse is now able to be towed around to various locations throughout Mike’s farm. As innovative as the solution is, the “Caboose” as it is referred to, also has solar panels which power a 12-volt power system for the grandchildren to use fans, lights and a DVD player while in the playhouse. As if that wasn’t enough, yes, the playhouse even has a loft. Forget a playhouse, we’re moving in!

Best Scenery – Kathy Goodwater

Kathy Goodwater - Best Scenery

As we mentioned, our high tunnels were a popular choice among photographers this year, but this photo had just a little more to offer than your standard high tunnel shot. The setting sun and vast acreage reminds us of the simplicity and beauty that can be found in farming. While it’s simple in nature, we felt that this photo best captured what farming is all about.

Best Winter Photo – Marlena Schilke

Marlena Schilke - Best Winter Photo

Ready or not, winter is on its way. We couldn’t conclude our photo contest without a nice shot of winter on the farm. No matter if it’s a quick 5 inches or 4 feet of snow, our line of ClearSpan Fabric Structures stand up to the task. This particular structure is used for housing quail, and as you can see, they don’t seem to be concerned with the winter weather.

Marlena Schilke - Quail

Congratulations to our Honorable Mentions, and once again, we would like to thank all those who submitted a photo in this year’s contest. If you have a product photo that you would like to submit to us, please contact us at 1.800.476.9715 to inquire about our submission process. We are now accepting product photo submissions year-round, and your photos may even be chosen for use in our upcoming catalogs! Contact us today for more information.

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