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Announcing the Growers Supply 2015 Photo Contest Winners

2015 Photo ContestOur 2015 photo contest proved to be another record breaker for us! After sorting through more submissions than ever before, we were finally able to narrow the field down to just our top six submissions. Congratulations to our lucky winners and thank you to all those who participated.

Grand Prize Winner – Mark Delpozzo
Product – Quik Klamp Pipe Fittings

Mark Delpozzo - Quik Klamp Pipe Fittings

“I originally had very common porch railings made from pressure treated wood. The problem with those however, was that my English Bulldog enjoyed chewing on them. Once he had chewed through at least 20 railings, I knew I had to make a change. After many hours of research, I found the Quik Klamp fittings through TekSupply, and I knew they were the solution to my problem. I chose the Quik Klamp products for their corrosion resistance and ease of use. The set screw makes it a breeze to lock in the galvanized pipe, and now my new railings are not only Bulldog proof, but also tremendously secure and safe and require very little upkeep.”

About our Quik Klamp Pipe Fittings

Quick Klamp Pipe Fittings are an ideal solution for creating cost-effective, versatile and simple load-bearing structures. The unique design allows you to create tubular frames without welding, threading, bolting or drilling. In fact, the only tools required are standard hex keys and tube cutters. Quik Klamps are designed to easily fit and lock precut pipe, making your frame or structure safe and quick to install.

Curtain call:

Mark Delpozzo - Quik Klamp Pipe Fittings

2015 Photo Contest Runners-Up

Contestant – James Boosey
Product – Micro FodderPro 2.0 Feed System

James Boosey - Micro FodderPro 2.0 Feed System

“After several months of experimenting with sprouting grain in mason jars, buckets and seed trays, I was sufficiently impressed with the results and decided to scale up to a more professional level. After researching numerous options, I settled on FarmTek, due to their proven expertise, excellent customer service and competitive pricing. The system is well designed, easy to use and efficient. To me, the greatest benefit of fodder was realizing a greater feed value and in doing so, increasing profitability. My pigs, chickens, ducks and geese certainly appreciate the investment!”

Contestant – Karen Faircloth
Product – Moo-Tel Calf Nursery

Karen Faircloth - Moo-Tel Calf Nursery

“Originally we purchased one structure to use as a chicken coop for our birds. However, we quickly started using it more for the cows, so we elected to purchase a second Moo-Tel for the chickens. They are both living in harmony now thanks to the comfortable housing arrangements.”

Contestant – Timothy Miller
Product – Premium Round Style High Tunnel

Tim Miller - Premium Round Style High Tunnel

“This is the second high tunnel that we have purchased from FarmTek. The original is still going strong, but we wanted to add another to help expand our production levels. One of our high tunnels has raised beds in it, and the other is used for growing tomatoes and potatoes to help protect them from late blight. We bought both of our high tunnels from FarmTek, due to ease of construction and the quality of materials. We also bought the irrigation supplies for our second high tunnel from FarmTek as well. We have been very satisfied with both of our high tunnels and would recommend them to anyone.”

Contestant – Cyril Silberman
Product – Series 500 Extra Tall Cold Frame

Cyril Silberman - Series 500 Extra Tall Cold Frame

“Our mission was to construct a clean room/paint shed suitable for a large mega yacht and the 70 ton Travel Lift that would place the vessel in the building. To accomplish this, we first bought four used 40 foot shipping containers for the foundation and then dove into the FarmTek catalogue to secure the remainder of the building components. I was able to organize a complete building with the help of FarmTek, including the structural system, bracing system, fabric, intake and exhaust fans and all the hardware. The supplies were delivered in one load and arrived at the work site in about three weeks. The sanding and painting went exactly as planned, and the yacht was finished on time, despite rain almost every day for two months. The building was tight as a drum! The owner of the boatyard was so impressed with the simplicity of the building that after the project was complete he offered to buy the building for cash on the spot.”

Contestant – LeaAnn Smith
Product – Gothic Solar Star Greenhouse

LeaAnn Smith - Gothic Solar Star Greenhouse

“We use our greenhouse for growing annual flowers, vegetables, plants, etc. and also use it as a retail area for our Florist, Gift, and Garden business. The roll-up sides allow us to easily control the temperature within the building, and the thermostat controlled exhaust fans and shutters help us maintain an ideal growing environment year-round. Our customers also love the protection from the weather as they shop. We have really enjoyed growing and retailing out of this space, and we highly recommend this structure to anyone that is considering a greenhouse for personal or retail use.”

Thank you once again to everyone that submitted a photo in this year’s contest. We had hundreds of great entries to choose from and selecting our six winners was a challenge. We always enjoy seeing photos of our products in use, so if you have product photos that you would like to submit, contact us to inquire about the submission process. We are now accepting submissions year-round, and your photos may even be featured in our upcoming catalogs! Contact us today for details.

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