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Meet the New Bloggers

Guess WhoWhether you’re a devoted reader of our blog, or just a casual observer, there is a chance you may have noticed some changes in our writing style and topic coverage over the last few months. Those changes have come about from our dedicated team of new bloggers, all of whom have been producing new and original content for the blog since August 2014. We wanted to take some time to let our readers know a little bit more about who we are and offer some insight into our industry expertise and experience within the field.

 Justin Dunham

Justin Dunham - Blog Administrator and Editor

Blog Administrator and Editor

Justin playing baseball

Myself playing at Franklin Pierce

Hello everyone!  As the Marketing Content Specialist here at Growers Supply, one of my main responsibilities is producing content for and managing all three of our company blogs, FarmTek, Growers Supply and ClearSpan Fabric Structures. I have been with Growers Supply since January 2014, and in the time that I have been here, I have learned more about the farming and agriculture industry than I could have ever imagined. I grew up in a small town in southwestern New Hampshire, where I spent my entire life until a move to Connecticut in the Summer of 2013. I graduated from Franklin Pierce University in 2013 with a degree in Marketing, and I began working at Growers Supply months later. While I come from an area often affectionately referred to as “Cow Hampshire”, I actually have very little farming or agriculture experience. Growing up, I was deeply devoted to sports (mainly baseball), so unfortunately, a farmer I am not. However, working in the marketing department, along with the extensive product training classes that I attended when I started, have helped me understand and appreciate the farming and agriculture industry like never before. Every day I come to work it seems that I learn something new, and one thing I’ve realized is that often times, the same is true for farming.

I hope you have been enjoying our blog as it has been a pleasure writing for you. Stay tuned for some more great stories from the bloggers and I in 2015!

Kathleen Hayden

Kathleen Hayden - Truss Arch Specialist

Editor for ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Kat riding

Riding my horse, Nate

As a Truss Arch Specialist I am responsible for assisting customers with designing their structure. Based on the customers’ needs, I guide them to the correct building for their application and budget. My main field is equine, as I grew up horseback riding and competing. I still have my first horse that I got when I was 13 years old! I also work with customers in industries such as energy, recycling, salt storage, athletics and marine. One of my main roles, aside from sales, is traveling to trade shows to represent the company in a variety of industries. So the next time you are at a trade show, keep an eye out for our ClearSpan Fabric Structures booth, chances are you’ll see me there.

Ashley Madore

Ashley Madore - Event & Communication Specialist


My passion for horticulture, and growing in general, didn’t just happen overnight. It wasn’t until I left a Vo-Ag High School to study Ornamental Horticulture and Environmental Design at Delaware Valley College in Pennsylvania, that my true passion for growing blossomed. Specializing in floriculture and nursery marketing, I finally earned both my degree and green thumbs in 2011.

Ashley floral design

Some previous floral arrangements of mine

After exhausting the agricultural industry with jobs at various florists, I pursued a position here at Growers Supply. I was hired in 2013 as an Outbound Sales Specialist, where I had a hand in various projects, including connecting with customers to schedule tours of our facility and selling our hydroponic vegetables to local school systems. In 2014, I joined the marketing team as the Events & Communications Specialist. Today I am responsible for planning and booking trade shows, as well as planning and coordinating the CEA Schools that we host here in Connecticut.  My passion has always been split between planning events and the horticulture industry, and I can now say I have landed my dream job.

Chris Machnich

Chris Machnich - Copy Writer


As a copy writer here I’m responsible for – well – writing much of the copy at Growers Supply, whether it’s for the catalog, here on the blog, brochures, advertisements, et cetera. I grew up in the Connecticut River Valley just up the road from a number of farms, and I’ve always appreciated nature and spending time outdoors. I’ve been with Growers Supply since the beginning of 2014, and when I’m not in the office, you can find me fishing – especially once the lakes have frozen over – exploring the various trails here in Connecticut, playing hockey or reading.

Myself with a fresh catch

Myself with a fresh catch

Keep up with us!

Get to know our team even better by keeping up with our blog. With new topics each week and varying points of view, you can always expect to find informative and captivating information on our blog. If you have any questions or comments on any of our content, you can always let us know by leaving a comment in the comments section, and we will get back to you right away.

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  1. I really like your blog and this page is great to help all the readers understand who is behind the articles. Thank you for posting it. One last question – can we expect an article from Nate?? That might be fun.

    January 28, 2015
    • Hi Richard, Glad to hear you enjoyed our blog, we hope you’ll stop back again sometime soon. As for the article, I’m actually not sure about that. Nate may be a former employee here, that I know of, no one by the name of Nate works here.

      January 28, 2015

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