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CEA School 2015: Same School, New Style

Presentations at CEA SchoolAs an industry leader in controlled environment agriculture (CEA), our mission is to provide solutions, knowledge and key insights of climate controlled agriculture. One of the ways that we accomplish this is through our CEA schools, which we host on a monthly basis at our company headquarters in South Windsor, Connecticut and our manufacturing facility in Dyersville, Iowa. We have proudly hosted hundreds of aspiring and experienced growers at this three-day educational event, which started in 2013. Thanks to the customer feedback we have received from each school, we have made some new and exciting changes for our 2015 schools.

The New and Improved School

Previously, our three-day CEA School consisted of a day for hydroponic fodder, a day devoted to hydroponic crop production and a day for aquaponics. When planning our schedule for the 2015 year, we first considered just a slight adjustment to the schedule. However, with new customer feedback coming in every month, we ultimately determined that the school would best benefit from a change to the overall structure.

Question & Answer at CEA School

During 2015, those that attend our CEA School will now learn about hydroponic crop production, creating, planning and maintaining a controlled environment and aquapoincs. We believe that this subject change will better meet the needs of our attendees. Starting with the basics of year-round hydroponic crop production, attendees will learn about the benefits of specific hydroponic systems and how they compare to others, along with basic and advanced information on plant nutrition, including nutritional testing, supplementation, calibration and more. With a complete understanding of hydroponics, we believe that discussing how to plan for and set up a controlled environment will come much easier. Our controlled environment topic will include how to best control temperature and humidity, how to size a greenhouse, how to be sure your greenhouse has the proper amount of environmental controls and more.

Hydroponic Lettuce Grow Room However, we don’t stop once your ideal greenhouse has been planned; we will also go into great detail on aquaponics, showcasing the symbiotic relationship between plants and fish that many are beginning to take advantage of. For those attending our Iowa school, this day includes a tour of the new aquaponics greenhouse, while attendees at our Connecticut school hear from special guest speakers who can attest to the success of aqauponics. Hands-on Learning All three topics are taught through hands-on experience, presentations by our knowledgeable staff and guest speakers and demonstrations by our greenhouse and grow room experts. Our classes are set for the 2015 year and the cost is still only $995. This cost covers a three day hotel stay, lunch each day and a workbook. Upon completion of the school, each attendee will receive a $995 product credit that can be put towards any controlled environment product, including greenhouses, hydroponic systems, heaters and more. If you want to be one of the first to attend our new and improved three-day CEA School, contact our Connecticut event coordinator Ashley Madore at 1.800.327.6835 x 1649 or our Iowa event coordinator Cathy Eiben at 1.800.327.6835 x 795 to register.

CEA Schedule 2015

But what about fodder!?

Fodder Room Question & Answer

Hands-on Fodder PresentationOur CEA School restructure no longer includes the topic of fodder, but there’s no need to worry; we would never cut it out entirely. We are adding four new, one-day fodder workshops for the 2015 year. These classes may be only one day long, but they cover all the important information needed to incorporate hydroponic fodder into your operation. Attendees of our one-day fodder workshop will learn the basics of fodder production, receive complete system overviews, partake in hands-on learning and discover how our FodderPro Feed Systems can produce highly profitable microgreens. The cost of these one day workshops is $295, which includes lunch and a workbook. Attendees will receive a $295 product credit, good towards any fodder system or accessory, upon completion of the class. To attend any of our one-day fodder workshops, please contact Ashley Madore at 800.327.6835 x 1649 for Connecticut or Cathy Eiben at 800.327.6835 x 795 for Iowa.
2015 Fodder Workshop Schedule

Come learn Controlled Environment Agriculture with us soon!

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  1. Hydroponics, aqauponics certainly looks popular and seems to be trending – but do you offer any other courses, for general growing in greenhouses, from what you need to know to insect and disease controls, etc? If not, I’m local and would love to see at least a one-day offering of such a topic. Thank you – Cathy T

    January 16, 2015
    • Hi Cathy,

      We do cover topics such as greenhouse growing and Integrated Pest Management. With our topic coverage update for 2015 we will be covering these topics in even greater detail than ever before. We also have our Greenhouse Specialists on-hand all three days, so they can answer any personal questions you may have and are always happy to sit down with you for one-on-one conversations as well.

      January 16, 2015

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