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Growers Supply’s New Products for 2015!

Growers Supply 2015 CatalogThe end of the year is always a busy time for everyone. Between saying goodbye to 2014 and ringing in the New Year, we here at Growers Supply found some time to welcome dozens of new products to our 2015 catalog. From large products, like our new EZ-Shade Tarp Arm, to small ones, such as our 43 PSI Pressure Regulators, our new product line offers something for everyone, and we are very excited to be starting off the new year with such great product additions.

For Greenhouses

Shade Tarp Arm

For those with a greenhouse that requires periods of total light deprivation, installing and removing shade cloth or blackout curtain can be time consuming. Our new EZ-Shade Tarp Arm is designed to help save time and make covering your greenhouse with shade or blackout material easier than ever. The EZ-Shade Tarp Arm is made from corrosion-resistant steel and features two pivot arms that mount directly onto a concrete foundation, which will be centered on the front and back side of the greenhouse. Once the concrete foundation and pivot arms have been installed, the shade material is connected directly to the pivot arms. Once installed, the EZ-Shade Tarp Arm enables growers to cover and uncover a ClearSpan Pro-Greenhouse with shade material quickly and easily, greatly simplifying a once time consuming job.

EZ-Shade Tarp Arm

To keep with the growing demand for high-quality polycarbonate panels, we’re now offering Palsun Polycarbonate Sheets. This polycarbonate is half the weight of glass, but has proven to be 200 times stronger. In fact, this polycarbonate has been quoted as “vandal proof” due to its ability to absorb impact, while still maintaining its integrity and original shape. Palsun Polycarobnate Sheets promote thermal efficiency year-round, entirely block out harmful UV radiation and have an 89 percent light transmittance. This polycarbonate is great for covering greenhouses or any other type of crop growing location you may have.

Svensson Obscura Climate ScreenWith more and more growers taking advantage climate control crop production, the use of climate screens and shade material has greatly increased. To keep up with the demand, we now offer Svensson Obscura Firebreak Climate Screens. This fabric is UV stable, durable and creates 99.9 percent blackout conditions to protect even the most sensitive plants. Each screen also features approximately 16” of firebreak, intended to limit screen-to-screen fire spread if ever needed.

For Crops

If you are experiencing a pest or fungus infestation in your greenhouse or indoor growing space, our new line of Flying Skull Products will quickly and efficiently solve your problem. We now offer Nuke em® and Z7TM, which when combined, provide maximum efficiency for fungus and pest prevention. It is recommended that you start by applying the Z7 enzyme cleaner to all plants and systems first. This creates a clean slate with your root systems, leaves and growing systems, so that when Nuke em is applied it is most effective. Nuke em works by cracking the exoskeleton and outer cell structures, allowing it to kill eggs, larva and even fully grown insects. Both Z7 and Nuke em are natural and environmentally friendly, allowing you to grow both worry free and pest free.

Z7Nuke em

Provide your crops with the ideal amount of water with our new PC-400 Controller. This highly affordable irrigation controller enables you to regulate as many as 16 zones. The simple modular design allows for this controller to be expanded upon quickly and easily, and the non-volatile memory keeps settings stored indefinitely, so you don’t have to worry about regularly resetting the controller. The programmable rain delay can postpone watering and the cycle and soak features both help to reduce runoff. The simplified design throughout the entire controller makes customizing to your needs as simple as possible.

PC-400 Controller

If your greenhouse has a problem with flies, mosquitoes or any type of flying insect, we now offer CV-80D Flying Insect Killer. This oil-based fly spray is safe for use in all environments, making it ideal for houses, greenhouses, storage rooms, garden centers and more. Just one 18.5 oz. spray can make all the difference in the fight against airborne pests. This environmentally friendly spray is safe to use around both animals and humans and contains no ozone depleting CFCs, but you can be sure that it will deplete your insect problem.

For You

Rolling Tray With Propagation BenchGreenhouse growers are all too familiar with walking back and forth throughout the greenhouse during transplanting. Walking from propagation trays to each individual Dutch Bucket or NFT Channel dozens to potentially hundreds of times can get very tiresome. We know how time consuming transplanting can be, and we also know how important it is to maximize your time for additional jobs around the greenhouse. Because of this, we’ve developed the Rolling Bench with Propagation Tray to maximize efficiency in the greenhouse. These 4’ wide by 8’ long grow bench and tray sit on casters, which allow your propagation tray to glide throughout your growing space. The corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel tube frame enables this tray to hold 1,000 lbs. when stationary or 300 lbs. while moving. To accommodate for taller plants and grow lights, we also offer a Trellis and Light Bar Frame, which can be purchased separately.

Rolling Tray With Propagation Bench

If you’re looking to produce larger, heavier fruiting crops indoors, a Dutch Bucket system is ideal. However, tending to a Dutch Bucket System often means bending over for long periods of time, which takes a toll on your lower back and, occasionally, your patience. Our new Dutch Bucket Low Profile Benches offer a handy solution for those looking for an easier way to tend to their Dutch Bucket Systems. Manufactured from galvanized steel tube with an expanded metal deck, these benches put your Dutch Buckets at the perfect height. Add our optional leveler feet to achieve the desired height or slope for your bench and make caring for crops easier than ever.

Dutch Bucket Low Profile BenchDutch Bucket Low Profile Bench

Our new products have us really looking forward to 2015, and we hope that with the addition of some of these new products, your year will be looking just as productive. If you would like to learn more about these products, or would like to see our full line of new products, please visit our website,, or give us a call at 1.800.476.9715 to speak with a National Account Manager to learn more about how our new products can benefit you.

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