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Growers Supply’s 2014 Photo Contest Honorable Mentions

Photo Submitted by Roro Izzle

Photo Submitted by Roro Izzle

Last week we revealed the winners of our 2014 Photo Contest, but like we said, we had a record number of entries this year and all of them were great! We didn’t want to let any good entry go unnoticed, so we would now like to reveal our honorable mentions from this year’s contest. From heart warming photos to unique product uses, we have compiled some of our best additional entries to give one last look at our 2014 Photo Contest.

Most Seasonable Photo – Randy Russell

Randy Russell - Most Seasonable After all, tomorrow is October 31, and nothing says Halloween like a freshly picked pumpkin.

Best Winter Photo – Amanda Kennedy

Amanda Shedd Kennedy - Best winter photoWe all know that farming comes with no days off, and this photo captures perfectly how the show must go on, no matter what the weather may be.

Protect & Serve Award – Edward Switalski

Edward Switalski - Most ProtectionWhen those that protect and serve are looking for some protection of their own, our ClearSpan Freestanding Buildings come to the rescue!

Best Action Shot – Rob Wood

Rob Wood - Best Action ShotUnderneath this miniature naval battle is our PolyMax® 6 oz. Heavy Duty Tarp. This photo was taken at an Axis vs. Allies naval battle re-creation in Maker Faire, California. Over two days, 10 grueling battles were held in this temporary pond, and our PolyMax® Tarp didn’t leak once!

Most Creative Product Use – Melissa Borrell

Melissa Borrell - Creative Product UseWe’ve never seen our White PolyMax® HDPE Roll look like this before. From lining livestock stalls to creating one of a kind art structures, our products can be used for anything.

Most Heart Melting Photo – Amy Bootsby

Amy Bootsby - Heart Melting Photo What can we say about this photo other than puppies love our PolyMax Poultry/Kennel Flooring, and we love puppies!

Thanks again to everyone who submitted a photo in this year’s contest. We had a record number of entries, and choosing our winners was quite tough. Be sure to keep up with our blog or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out when the 2015 Photo Contest will take place. Until then, keep your camera handy, you never know what photo will be crowned the next grand prize winner of the Growers Supply Photo Contest!

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