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Growers Supply’s New Products for Fall 2014

Growers Supply Fall CatalogAs August rolls on and the summer begins to come to an end, it’s hard not to feel a little gloomy. While children get ready to go back to school and you slowly begin to winterize your greenhouse or outdoor garden, you can at least get excited over the new products you’ll find in our Fall catalog. We’ve got some exciting and innovative new growing systems, an interesting new light deprivation product, new growing supplies and accessories and much more. It’s all certainly enough to help you forget summer’s impending end, so let’s not waste any more time.

New Growing Systems

Here at Growers Supply, we are constantly designing new growing systems and improving on past ones. We’re especially excited about the new systems we’re rolling out this month. We are extremely proud to introduce our first ever line of Vertical Aeroponic Systems, and our new GT80 TSW NFT System is also sure to excite growers of all sizes, from hobby to commercial. The Aeroponic Systems deliver a nutrient-rich mist to the root masses and provides plenty of oxygen to the roots, potentially leading to faster growth. Due to their vertical design, these systems are great for those looking to grow in tight spaces. In fact, you can grow up to 220 plants in less than 23 square feet! We offer a few different aeroponic systems:

  • Grow-Tek 4’8” Vertical Micro Aeroponic System – Uses a single 4’8” high tube that is mounted on a 20-gallon nutrient reservoir. This system has 24 grow sites, and is approximately 20” wide by 26” long by 73” high.
  • Grow-Tek 4’8” Vertical Mini Aeroponic System– Uses five vertical grow tubes that stand 4’8” high which are mounted on a 100-gallon nutrient reservoir tank. The system has a total of 120 plant sites and a foot print that is approximately 29.5” wide by 96” long by 75” high.
  • GrowTek 8’ Vertical Aeroponic Hobby System – Uses a single 8’ high grow tube that is mounted on a 20-gallon nutrient reservoir tank. This system has a total of 44 grow sites, and has a footprint of 28” wide by 39” long by 124” high.
  • GrowTek 8’ Vertical Aeroponic System – Uses five vertical grow tubes that stand 8’ high, mounted on a 100-gallon reservoir tank. This system has an incredible 220 plants sites total, while only having a footprint of approximately 29.5” wide by 96” long by 115” high.

Grow-Tek Vertical Micro Aeroponic SystemVertical aeroponic system close upVertical aeroponics grow site

Our GT80 TSW NFT System is ideal for those looking to grow plants with large root masses. This system uses eight 20’ long GT80 TSW channels that have tall side walls, which allows for a larger root mat to develop which allows the roots to receive plenty of oxygen. The system requires minimal grow media, and since it is a closed loop re-circulating system it helps to conserve water and nutrients. It stands about 17’ wide by 41’ long, but if you’re looking for a larger system, custom sizes are available.

Light Deprivation

Breathable wallFor those looking to control their plants photoperiod without greatly restricting air flow, we now have the perfect solution for you. The Breathable Wall is the premier way to blackout plants of all kinds, while still allowing for nearly 100% air flow. This material is a great way to blackout venting, shutters and exhaust or intake fans. It also can allow for rooms to be sectioned off, this way light settings can be changed within a room, while cooling and ventilation settings remain the same.

Sealing Solutions

We now offer two products that can solve even the toughest and most consistent water leaks. For those that grow with aquaponics or aeroponics, our new Uniseals are the ideal product for preventing water loss when running water between multiple tanks. Available in 1”, 1.5” and 2” diameters, these Uniseals create a vacuum tight seal to connect PVC pipe to any custom drilled holes. These seals maintain pressure and vacuum within the tanks and are unaffected by cold temperatures.

Butyl Sealing TapeOur Butyl Sealing Tape is useful for virtually any type of sealant repair. Versatile and easy to apply, this sealing tape can be used to seal cracks and seams in gutters, on roof alleys and more, and can even be used to for air-tight sealing on low, medium and high pressure HVAC systems. With a strong resistance to moisture and other solvents, this tape can be used indoors or out, and the butyl adhesive coating ensures that stains will not be left behind if removed.

These are just a few of the new products we are particularly excited about, so be sure to keep a look out for all of our newest products in the Growers Supply Fall 2014 catalog.

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