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Our New Summer Catalog

Our Newest CatalogWith the latest edition of our catalog in homes across the country, we wanted to share some of our new products to give you an idea of what you can expect. If you don’t already receive our catalog, you can sign up here and we’ll send you one that features all of our 30,000 plus growing, gardening and nursery products.

Complete Systems

ebb and flow systemProducing crops indoors with hydroponics has proven to be an effective method of producing healthy, fresh crops year-round. With various methods of hydroponics, such as nutrient film technique, ebb and flow systems or Dutch buckets, there are many opportunities for large and small scale farmers to join in on the year-round crop production trend.

Until now, with all the various means of hydroponic production, choosing the right system for a small scale or hobby grower has been a guessing game – and a rather expensive one at that. For those that are looking to produce fresh, locally grown crops for personal use, we’ve removed the risk of purchasing a system that doesn’t meet your small-scale needs by offering the Hydroponic Family Greenhouse Package. This special package includes:

  • 2 Micro Dutch Bucket Systems
  • 4’ x 4’ and 4’ x 8’ Propagation Float Station
  • GT50-612 NFT Hydroponic Lettuce System
  • 2 of our 2’ x 8’ Polymax Bench Systems with Legs
  • 2’ x 8’ Low Tide Tray

Our Hydroponic Family Greenhouse Package has all the materials needed to give you a successful start with your hydroponic crop production for one low price. This package can also be paired with a Solar StarTM or Premium Solar Star Gothic Style Greenhouse. Opting for the complete building package will ensure the safety of your systems as well as provide an optimal growing environment for your crops.Premium Solar StarTM Gothic Style Greenhouse

If you are looking to produce large or fruiting crops hydroponically, our new Whole Bay Dutch Bucket System is ideal for your needs. Our Dutch buckets are made from durable, long-lasting PolyMax®, and are ideal for helping you produce your healthiest plants yet.Whole Bay Dutch Bucket System This complete system combines water and fertilizer, while also adding acids to maintain the proper pH. Our Woodpecker drippers and dripper stakes deliver water to the crops, and any excess is treated as waste water and drained away. If you are looking for a full system set up that will allow you to grow large and fruiting crops with great success, our Whole Bay Dutch Bucket System will simplify your goal.

Unique Solutions

Serious drought conditions have created tough times for livestock and crop producers, and with little relief in the forecast, we have set out to find ways to counteract this issue. One solution that we have developed is a Rainwater Catch Drain. Rainwater Catch DrainThis system can be attached on both sides of our high tunnels and greenhouses without interfering with natural ventilation systems. Functionally designed to help cut down on watering and irrigation costs, this system comes with all accessories required except for water collection tanks, which we offer separately in many sizes and styles.

If you’re tired of clutter and disorganization around your greenhouse or home, our new Hose Rack offers an excellent solution to keeping things neat, tidy and up off the floor. Made for strength and durability, this rack is capable of holding hoses of all types and lengths. Our Hose Rack will provide a safer environment around your house or greenhouse by providing you with the ability to safely and neatly store your hoses.

Crop Production

Micro Dutch Bucket System

Our new Micro Dutch Bucket System has a footprint of only 38”W x 30”L and is capable of growingMicro Dutch Bucket System high quality crops where space is limited. An ideal system for home growers or hobbyists, this system is great for growing crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant and more. Designed with space in mind, this system contains four PolyMax® Dutch Buckets which sit directly on top of a 40-gallon reservoir tank. The system comes with all necessary plumbing and hardware to begin your growing adventure immediately.

250 Deluxe Holding Tank

250 gallon Deluxe Holding TankFor those that need a larger production scale but are still tight on space, our new 250 gallon Deluxe Holding Tank has a low profile design so that it can be tucked away under a table or placed somewhere off to the side. With a height of only 14”, this holding tank can be used for a variety of applications. Capable of being used indoors or outdoors, our 250 gallon Deluxe Holding Tank is great for hydroponic systems, portable water uses, truck applications and much more.

Bontanicare® Nutrients

Our latest additions of Botanicare® Nutrients are sure to help you achieve your best looking plants to date. We’ve added Growilla Bud and Growilla Veg to our product offering in the June catalog. Growilla Bud is intended for use in the bloom phase of fruiting and flowering plants. This product contains no fillers, and provides plants with multiple sources of natural ingredients that are beneficial to the bloom phase of your fruiting and flowering plants.

Growilla Veg is intended for use during the vegetative growing phase of a plant, and has a natural and organic mix of highly concentrated ingredients that contains no fillers. This product is great for use in containers and raised beds, but can also be tilled into the natural soil to help promote healthy growth.Growilla Bud

If you are interested in any of the products mentioned or want to learn more, visit our website, or give us a call at 800-476-9715.

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