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New Spring Products at Growers Supply

Growers Supply Spring CoverWith a new catalog hitting homes shortly, we thought now would be a good time to give a teaser of our new product offerings. We are always looking to add new products that match our customer’s needs, and our most recent product additions will not disappoint. If you are not already a member of our mailing list, sign up today to receive our catalog with the full listing of all our 30,000 plus items.

For Your Greenhouse

Polycarbonate GreenhouseWith our 8-mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate becoming one of our fastest selling greenhouse materials, we found a few ways to make our material more useful for you. We’ve added not just a couple more widths and lengths, but sixnew sizes to our popular 8-mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate! Ideal for hobby greenhouses, patio covers, commercial greenhouses and more, this tough, practically shatterproof polycarbonate comes with a 10 year warranty and will never film over due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

Our newly introduced Link4 Light Sensor is the perfect way to set automatic controls on your greenhouse, no matter the size. Easy to install and long lasting, this system is capable of controlling curtains, lighting, irrigation and CO2 levelsthrough the use of a visible spectrum light sensor.

Is clutter making it hard to move around your greenhouse or growing area? If so, our newly incorporated Tool Rack will allow you to once again move about your plants in peace. These easy to install racks are manufactured using scrap conduit and are designed to keep shovels, brooms, rakes and other tools off the floor. The heavy-duty tubing provides long lasting durability and also allows for the rack to hold tools of any weight.

For Monitoring CropsComfort Check 400 Meter

For maintaining the safety of your indoor plants the Comfort Check 400® CO2 meter offers reliable indoor air quality monitoring in an affordable and easy-to-use unit. The large, high resolution LCD display has a bright backlight and clearly shows the user CO2, temperature and relative humidity readings. Made for portability, this handheld monitor is light weight and comes with a carrying case, rechargeable batteries and a wall adaptor.

If you are looking for a way to monitor your overall production, much of our newly incorporated Link4 Equipment can help you do just that. One of our new product offerings is the iGrow 1400 Expansion pack which connects with the iGrow 1400 Controller. This expansion pack allows you to add new zones and add up to 12 additional outputs. Easy to set up, the iGrow 1400 expansion system is ready to optimize overall crop monitoring in three simple steps: connect, configure, restart.

It’s well known that water sanitation is a major factor for crop quality. We now offer the WaterSafe Test Kit, which can be used to test either well water or water being used for hydroponics. Our single use well-water testing kit evaluates: copper, iron, lead, chlorine, bacteria and more. Excellent for gauging whether well water is safe for use. Our hydroponic Water Test Kit is useful for determining the proper water treatment system to maximize hydroponic growth. Testing for bacteria, pesticides, chlorine and more, these water test kits will allow you to maximize growth by identifying the proper water treatment regimen to follow.WaterSafe Test Kit

For Growing Crops

Our new GT80 series Microgreen System is ideal for producing a variety of sprouts for high-end market. Featuring a nutrient film technique watering regimen and a single-layer of eight, 30” UV-stabilized, NSF-certified PVC channels which are supported by galvanized-steel framing. Taking up only 7’ in total length, the GT80 series is ideal for hobby growers and those looking to produce microgreens Sure to Grow Hydroponic Grow Rollin tight spaces.

We’ve brought back our Sure to Grow® Hydroponic Grow Roll! Sure to Grow® is a superior short-term crop medium. Perfect for growing hydroponic rye, wheatgrass and high end microgreens, this product is useful for both hobby growers and professionals.  A perfect fit for our Grow-Tek Premium NFT GT80 series channels, this growing medium provides optimal production for crops that may be harvested within 21 days.

The Grow-Tek GT70 Commercial NFT Systems provide maximum growth year-round. Perfect if you are interested in growing lettuce, peppers, strawberries, beans and more, the GT70 Commercial System is NSF-Certified, built to last and made from recycled plastics. The nutrient supply system allows you to grow the healthiest plants without being reliant on the ever changing and unpredictable weather. Our commercial hydroponic growing system is great for both budding commercial vegetable growers and experienced producers.

The GT50 and GT70 Vertical Lettuce & Herb Systems provide fresh, hydroponically grown produce in even the smallest space. Allowing for vertical growth, our four-tier systems provide year-round, Vertical Lettuce & Herb Systemhigh-quality produce while only requiring 42 sq. ft. of space.The GT50 system features twenty-four channels and a six-week growing cycle.This system is capable of producing 4,680 heads of lettuce per year, with a harvest of 90 heads weekly. The GT70 system features twenty channels and is able to produce 2,860 heads per year, with a harvest of 55 heads per week. Both systems feature a nutrient film technique watering regimen. The systems come with a 115-gallon reservoir tank, and are just 7’ tall. The four tiers of 10’ long, UV-stabilized, NSF-certified PVC channels are supported by galvanized steel framing. Perfect for new growers, hobby growers and commercial growers, the GT50 and GT70 Vertical Lettuce and Herb Systems provide fresh heads of hydroponic lettuce every week, even when space is limited.

Our new Propagation Float Station provides the necessary root growth to raise the healthiest, hydroponic produce possible. Excellent for use with tomatoes, cucumbers and plants with large root masses, the Propagation Float System allows for roots to grow long enough to reach the flow of nutrients in the GT80 TSW NFT Channels. The constant recirculation within the system provides: a continual mixing of solution to help prevent nutrient settlement maximum aeration within the tank to not disturb root zones, more stable water temperatures and easy nutrient solution maintenance and testing. The system is available in 4’ x 4’ with a 40-gallon reservoir or 4’ x 8’ with a 115-gallon reservoir.

We now offer an Ebb & Flo System which allows for large crop production within a small area. Our Ebb & Flo Systems provide an automated method of delivering optimal levels of water, float tablenutrients and oxygen to your crops. These easy-to-use systems come in two sizes and have trays and reservoirs made from durable ABS plastic with built-in UV inhibitors, which minimize fading and yellowing caused by grow lights. Utilizing the ebb and flow hydroponic method, these systems are excellent for propagating plants or nourishing and watering seedlings.

Interested in any of the products mentioned or just want to learn more? Visit our website, or feel free to give us a call as 800-476-9715.

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  1. Noe #

    Hello there. I am located in brazil and am looking into opening a microgreen farm. Can you me a ballpark idea of how much it would cost (price of equip + shipping) of GT80 series Microgreen System with the SuretoGrow rolls? My email is

    October 22, 2015

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