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The Great Pumpkin Post


Fall is a favorite season for many people across the country, whether it is for the cooler weather, colorful leaves or delicious cider and apples. One of the greatest fall traditions for many families is picking out pumpkins from a local patch or farm. They’re great for carving, decorating or eating! With a variety of sizes, colors and shapes to choose from, here is a list of some popular pumpkin varieties for you to be on the lookout for when you take a trip to your local pumpkin patch.


Aladdin pumpkin

This is your typical Jack-o-lantern-type pumpkin. Big, round and orange, these are great for decorating and carving. These pumpkins have a beautiful dark orange color and firmly rooted handle, which make them ideal for moving around and carving. They are fairly tall and average about 20 to 30 pounds. If you’re planting your own Aladdin pumpkin patch, these will take over 100 days to mature, so be sure to plan ahead so you have a great choice of big, beautiful pumpkins to carve!

Baby Bear

Perfect for the little ones in your pumpkin-picking group, these petite pumpkins are great for kids because they are smaller in size and not too heavy. They are also a great option for decorating anywhere you could use a splash of bright orange. A sweet variety, these are also great pumpkins for roasting, baking and cooking. They store well and if you’re growing your own, expect about 8 pumpkins per plant after about 105 days from planting.

Baby Pam Sugar Pie

Baby pam sugar pumpkins

If you enjoy pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin anything—this is the pumpkin for you! This sweet variety is ideal for a variety of baking purposes, but is especially good for pies. With a thin skin and a sweet, fine-grained flesh, these pumpkins are a top pick for those looking to make their Thanksgiving pumpkin pies from scratch.


Cinderella pumpkins

If decorating is your goal, then this is a must-have pumpkin for fall decorative displays. This heirloom variety from France is a beautiful, deeply ridged, flattened pumpkin that grows to about 25 to 35 lbs. Doubling as another good baking option, Cinderella pumpkins have thick walls that are sweet, moist and are perfect for pies, pumpkin bread or canning. A real treat on your doorstep or your table!


Casper pumpkin

Think all pumpkins are orange? Think again! This beautiful variety is white, a perfect addition to any spooky decorations for Halloween. Aptly named after everyone’s favorite comic book ghost, Casper pumpkins are creamy white on the outside, with a dark orange flesh on the inside, making them a perfect choice for a unique Jack-o-lantern.


Harlequin pumpkin

Like Casper, the Harlequin breaks away from the traditional orange pumpkin with its green and off-white marbled skin and stripes. A small pumpkin, this variety is ideal for decorating. They are hardy and tough, able to withstand the cool weather that fall brings, and look great nestled among larger, orange varieties on your front step!

What are your favorite pumpkin varieties? What are the most creative ways you’ve used them in your fall-themed decorations and meals?

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