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Spotlight on Cherry Creek Farm and their key to season extension

Cherry Creek High Tunnel

Small business owners and growers are faced with risky ventures all the time that can make or break their success. As many growers have seen, the purchase of a high tunnel (or a few) can mean the difference between profitability and downfall of their business. Read on to discover how Susan Hall of Cherry Creek Farm was able to extend her growing seasons and maximize profits with the purchase of ClearSpan High Tunnels.

High tunnel and rainbow

With the unpredictable climate of Colorado, Susan Hall needed to find a way to protect her more delicate vegetables, growing at Cherry Creek Farm, from harsh hail, snow storms and the random high temperatures that could occur at any time. As a certified Organic and Naturally Grown grower with a specialty in Mesclun salad mix with edible flowers, Hall decided that ClearSpan High Tunnels would provide the perfect shelter for these fragile crops.

Hanging plants in high tunnel

Selling through local farmers’ markets and an internet store, Hall needed to be sure that her crops would be available to the community, regardless of the weather conditions. Since she started growing in the high tunnels, Hall found that a steadier yield is possible. She explains, “I am growing in Colorado on the Palmer Divide Ridge at an elevation of 7,200′ and the high tunnels have turned my somewhat tenuous production into a reliable profitable concern. I would never grow without them again.”

Along with protecting her crops, the high tunnels have helped boost her business in another way—“The biggest surprise benefit that I realized from the high tunnels was the extension of my growing season from maybe 90 days to 120 days, even though they are in no way heated.”

Row crops in high tunnel

As a small grower, cost and return on investment are major concerns when considering a big purchase. Hall found that ClearSpan High Tunnels “are economical enough to be affordable for small, niche market growers, giving a return on the investment in 1 to 2 seasons.” Turning her farm into a dependable business, Hall notes that the tunnels “allow us to confidently offer our products to the community, knowing that we’re able to furnish them produce with lower risks and turn a profit.”

Buying these high tunnels is a decision that Hall is glad that she made—“They are awesome and have definitely saved our growing business many, many times.”

Are you a small grower or business that has experienced success with high tunnel growing? Share your story with us!

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