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2013 Photo Contest Honorable Mentions

Photo Contest Honorable Mentions
After receiving hundreds of submissions to our photo contest, we wanted to share with you some of our favorites. These photos may not have won a prize, but they still stood out and we felt that we needed to recognize them. We smiled, we laughed and we were awed by some of these great pictures and the stories we received with them. There are seven superlative categories and we selected a winner for each. These customers will each receive a dozen pair of our Growers Supply Dot Grip Gloves! We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we did!

Beautiful Garden

Mary Stone
Product – Premium Round-Style High Tunnel

High Tunnel GardenRaised Bed Gardening
Cold Frames


Joel Barton Jr.
Cute Toddler and Baby Goat


Vicki Ballas
Product – Pestrap™ Insect Traps

“These pictures were taken at the Munising Community Hoop House in Munising, Michigans Upper Peninsula. I placed our Pestraps™ around the hoop house when I planted seeds and young plants to see what insects I had and to keep the insect population down. As the plants matured I placed them around the leaves that had holes. I also hung them above the plants anytime I saw flying insects around a specific area, and by the next day I would see a big decrease in flying insects and the Pestrap™ was full. They really worked at every stage for flies, moths, beetles, gnats and others to help manage insect problems.

I even used them as a deterrent for animals that were trying to dig their way into the hoop house. I staked them around the area, thinking that if an animal stepped on it and it stuck to their paw they would not like it, flip out trying to get if off, and not come back. The traps are very sticky! It worked, because many of the Pestraps™ were ripped off the line and gone or very dirty and folded…and those animals never came back.”
Greenhouse Insect TrapsGardening Insect Traps

Great Application

Lake Julian
Product – EZ-Grow Multi-Tiered Display Unit

Greenhouse Display BenchPlant Transport Rack

Great Story

Sandra Riggins
Product – Grow-Tek NFT Hydroponic Channels – Premium GT70 Series

“Here are some pictures taken at The Organic Garden in Colonial Heights, VA. The owner/operator is my son Robert Riggins.

Pictured is the inside of the grow area, where kale, lettuce and spinach are being grown from the GT70 NFT channels. The customer area and grow area is separated by Plexiglas® so that the customers can come in to see the produce and to actually watch while a fresh bag of lettuce, kale or spinach is handpicked for them. Robert takes time daily to explain the setup of the NFT channels. The channels provide an even flow of water and nutrients to the plants. The lids were cut into four-foot lengths, allowing easy access to check for removal of any overgrowth of the rooting system.”
Hydroponic Lettuce

Most Artistic

Jess Kittle
Product – Grow-Max™ Gothic Tall High Tunnel

High Tunnel


Edie Dopking
Edie Dopking

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