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Spotlight on the Mustard Seed Landscaping & Garden Center and their Cost-Effective Greenhouse

Mustard Seed Greenhouses

Starting a new growing business can be a fun endeavor, but the upfront costs can be quite overwhelming. In order for the business to start making money, it is important to make cost-effective decisions about what you will purchase, who you will hire and more. Sometimes, adding to the appearance of your business for the right price is a great way to bring in customers initially, while still making a good investment in the long run. This was the case with the Mark and Kay Halla who chose to purchase a beautiful greenhouse at a low cost for their new business.

Mustard Seed Logo

Mark Halla, owner of the Mustard Seed Landscaping & Garden Center, was born with a green thumb, and had always been involved in the nursery and landscape business. After working many years in the family business that his grandfather began in 1942, Mark felt a divine hand guiding him to start on a new adventure—on November 19, 2003, Mark and his wife, Kay, incorporated their little garden center with dreams that it would someday grow into a bustling business.

After the Mustard Seed opened, the Hallas watched their dream unfold, and soon Mark and Kay moved from their basement office to a leased farm to finally buying their own property right on Highway 212 in Chaska, MN. As they settled into this space, they decided that they needed a greenhouse for growing, maintaining and selling annuals and perennials.

Inside Majestic Greenhouse

Of course, when starting out in a new business, funds can be tight and all decisions should be cost effective for the business now, while still being beneficial to the future of the company. Mark recalls, “Prior to working with Growers Supply, I had worked with a few other greenhouse suppliers that met our needs but were much more expensive. As a new business, watching our expenses has been crucial and we were able to save over 50% by purchasing a ClearSpan Majestic Greenhouse!” He continues, “By doing a cost/benefit analysis, we determined there was no better value than the Majestic Greenhouse with polycarbonate sides and roof.”

Mustard Seed Landscaping and Garden Center

The Hallas have found that the Majestic Greenhouse is not only as productive as they’d hope, but also adds to the professional appearance of their business. Mark says, “Even though I didn’t spend a fortune on the greenhouse, my customers think I did. Our image and reputation has been enhanced. Our business looks successful and stable, and our customers seem to have a greater sense of trust once they see our beautiful setup.”

Mark and Kay enjoy using their greenhouse for retail sales as well as year-round growing and they know that it is a great investment. According to Mark, “The Majestic is so well built that we expect it to last for more than 20 years, even with our Minnesota winters!”

How have you spent a little to get a lot when it comes to a growing business or even hobby growing?

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