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You Grew What?! A look at some of horticulture’s coolest world records

tomato crop

Today’s blog post is all about the most outstanding records centered around growing and gardening. Of course, we hear about things like the world’s tallest man or the longest-living person, but did you know that the largest tomato plant ever recorded covered a little over 610 square feet? Have fun reading through the most interesting records we could find on growing. Hey, maybe you could even beat one of them one day!

Try these on for size

Let’s focus on the biggest plants people have grown first. The tomato plant I mentioned about was grown in March of 2007 at Disney World’s Epcot. It was on a trellis that was 20’ x 30.6’!

Basil makes a great addition to most dishes and is popular in gardens and greenhouses, but it isn’t known for its size. One woman in Greece changed that when she grew at 10’ 11.5” tall basil plant last summer. That will surely spice up a lot of dinners!

green wall

Rooftop gardens and green walls are a great way to freshen up the drab look of any city. But how much space can these really cover? Just ask the Seoul Metropolitan Government in South Korea, Last summer, they created a green wall that covers 16,318.02 square feet. Now that is an effective use of space!

A need for speed

Just like a watched pot never boils, sometimes plants just can’t grow fast enough for us. Unless you’re growing bamboo, that is. The world’s fastest growing plant is a member of the 45 genera of bamboo. They can grow up to an incredible 35 in. per day. Don’t you wish you could get your lettuce to do that?


Trees definitely take their time when it comes to growing…except for the foxglove tree. With beautiful purple flowers, it can grow up to 6 meters in its first year alone. Another great fact about this tree is that it produces more oxygen from photosynthesis than any other plant!


A bountiful harvest

Have you ever had a tomato plant go wild producing fruit? Well, maybe not as wild as the world-record holding plant from the United Kingdom. In October 2010, a single tomato plant grew 488 tomatoes! I hope the grower likes spaghetti sauce!

cucumber harvest

All those tomatoes need some cucumbers to help complete a giant salad. Luckily, Disney’s Epcot was at it again and had one cucumber plant produce 2,078 lbs. of cukes in one year. The harvest started in March of 2006 and ended in July. During that time the resort harvested 2,563 cucumbers!

He’s not heavy, he’s my veggie

Moms and dads all over the world have forever been telling children to eat their broccoli. But how much is too much? A couple from Alaska grew a broccoli in 1993 that weighed a whopping 35 lbs. Do you think they made their kids eat it all in one sitting?


That broccoli is nothing compared to the world’s heaviest watermelon! An Arkansas man grew quite the fruit in 2005. His watermelon weighed in at 268.8 lbs. This big baby was the grand-prize winner at an annual watermelon contest.

We hope you enjoyed these growing records. Now get out there, dust off your green thumb and see if you can break one!

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