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Photo Blog: Do We Have Tomatoes?!

kopmann tomatoesOne of our customers, John K., recently grew some tomatoes in his high tunnel that fruited like crazy! His abundance of this popular salad topper made him the man to see at his local farmer’s market. Here is his story.

high tunnel frame construction

The big question at the Farmer’s Market in Washington, Missouri this year is “do you have tomatoes?”  In our newly constructed high tunnel, we have approximately 300 tomato plants.  These plants are loaded with tomatoes.  They are perfect, without any pest or weather damage.  We use drip irrigation and are pleased to report that these plants are out-producing our “field” tomatoes 4 to 1. 

putting film on high tunnel

We constructed our high tunnel with a group of friends, none of us having experience in the process.  We did this mostly on weekends, and it took about three weeks.  We were extremely impressed with the ease of installation—the kit is very user friendly.  The day we decided to install the plastic sheet the clouds moved in and the wind picked up.  Without the wonderful Stainless Steel Spring and Aluminum Poly Latch system we would never have gotten the plastic locked snuggly in place with just eight of us!  All of our volunteers (friends) enjoyed raising our high tunnel with us. It just went together with such ease!  Our summer has featured hail, high winds (first very wet, now very dry) and more.  It is great to be able to put the sides of the high tunnel down and save your plants from the weather!  In the photos we have the ends off and the sides up as it was 100 degrees this day.  We just cannot say enough good things about our high tunnel and we anticipate installing a second one this off season!


completing high tunnel construction

tomatoes in high tunnel

growing tomatoes for market

prize-winning tomato

Pictured here is our daughter Jamie with her “Best of Show” biggest tomato she raised in the high tunnel and showed at the Washington Town & Country Fair.

What would you grow inside of your high tunnel?

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