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Customer Spotlight: Pat Raunick’s Nurturing Greenhouse

Small hobby greenhouse

The beauty of greenhouses is that they can be as big as any large commercial grower may need, or as small as any backyard hobby grower needs to grow fresh, healthy produce within the comfort of her own home and yard. The latter is the case for Pat Raunick, a Growers Supply customer who purchased a greenhouse in order raise her own produce and to create an activity she could enjoy with her grandchildren.

plants in pots

Having owned a greenhouse before the one she purchased from Growers Supply, Pat had an idea of what she wanted to achieve in her new greenhouse. When she moved to her new residence, she decided that she wanted to experiment with duplicating plants, growing exotic cacti species and starting her vegetable garden plants earlier in the growing season. After speaking with friends and researching online, Pat contacted Growers Supply.  She explains, “Growers Supply agreed to finance my greenhouse without interest, as well as being helpful and making the process simple.”

Flowers in greenhouse

In addition to the helpful service she received when she first bought her greenhouse, Pat has continued to reap the benefits of her purchase. “I am able to grow vegetables, salads, onions, etc. in the coldest months. I am able to extend my growing season over other folk’s plants as well.” Pat also enjoys how easy her greenhouse is to maintain. “The greenhouse is maintenance free. It is constructed of material that is safe and nearly indestructible. It is private, yet allows lots of light to come through.” Pat also points out that she has been able to use the ceiling height in the greenhouse for additional space for hanging plants, an added benefit she didn’t expect.  The only thing she would do differently? “I would have purchased a much larger greenhouse, which is my advice to others considering a greenhouse purchase. You will not regret it!”

Greenhouse bench

But aside from the vegetables she is able to grow, the greatest benefit Pat has received from her greenhouse is not something she can put in a salad. She explains, “I use the greenhouse as a way to save money and in the interest of having fresh food. I want to teach my grandchildren the value of being as self sufficient as possible.” She continues, “I love my greenhouse, it is my retreat. It is where I unwind.”

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