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Get your Gifts for Mom!

Mother's Day

At Growers Supply, we want to make sure the whole family is happy! That’s why we’ve put together a list of great Mother’s Day gift ideas so you can kill two birds with one stone – buy everything you need for your growing operation and get Mom’s gift at the same time! hoses to greenhouses, this list covers every need and every price range. If you don’t see something you like, or aren’t sure what to get this year, why not get your favorite lady a gift certificate so she can pick out exactly what she needs?

Fold-Up Cart

Aluminum Fold-Up Cart

If your mom still loves to work around the yard or farm, then this gift is perfect for her. This is the handiest cart she will ever own. Not only is it lightweight and easy to maneuver, but it can be folded up and stored out of the way, so the mothers who don’t like clutter will be very pleased. The Aluminum Fold-Up Cart can help your special gal move up to 250 lbs. at once!

WonderSoil Wafers

WonderSoil® Wafers

If you haven’t heard of WonderSoil, you are truly missing out! This gift is perfect for the mom who loves to garden, but just doesn’t have the space to do it on a large scale anymore. WonderSoil Wafers come in small containers that can be easily carried around, but just add water and you can fill pots for tons of houseplants! No matter where Mom lives, or how much space she has, she can keep her garden alive, inside or out, with WonderSoil Expanding Wafers!

Rolling Workseat

Rolling Workseat

Sit, swivel and roll with the Rolling Workseat! This gift is perfect for the gardener who raised you. Bending down all day long to weed, water or plant can get exhausting and be very taxing on the body. Let your mama garden in comfort with this rugged, four-wheeled workseat. It can also be used inside for cleaning, organizing and making repairs, so Mom will be comfortable no matter where she is working.

Back Porch Compostumbler

CompostumblerBack Porch Composter

Composting is a great way to reduce waste and feed your plants. If your mom would love to put her kitchen and yard scraps to good use, then she will be thanking your for this gift for the next twenty Mother’s Days.  Its compact size makes it ideal for a deck, porch or patio and the wheels make it easy for Mom to move from the yard to the garden.

Hydroponic Salad Book

Hydroponic Production Guides

Hydroponics is the most up-and-coming innovation in the horticulture world, so why not help Mom get up to speed with guide (or two) to growing her favorite produce hydroponically? Choose from strawberry, tomato, herb and salad crop production. Written by Dr. Lynette Morgan, PhD, an expert in her field, these books are sure to be filled with everything your mother needs to know to delve into hydroponics!

Hose Wagon

Hose Wagon

Do you ever notice your mother struggling with a tangled hose that seems to have a mind of its own? Look no further! This gift is sure to put a smile on her face next weekend. For the garden or backyard, let Mom take this sturdy hose wagon over the toughest terrain.

Four-Tier Mini Greenhouse

Four-Tier Mini Greenhouse

If your mom is a serious grower, but doesn’t have much space, this gift will make her green thumb tingle! Extend her growing season or get a head start next spring with this mini greenhouse. It will fit perfectly on her deck or patio and can be stored easily when the growing season ends.

Soil Testing Kit

Soil Testing Kit

Turn your mom into a professional grower this season with a complete Soil Testing Kit. It is ideal for the home gardener, professionals or in a classroom. Everything your mom needs to complete 40 tests is included, so she will be all set to test her soil until next Mother’s Day!

Lawn and Leaf Bag

Collapsible Lawn and Leaf Bags

For the lawn, garden or home, this is a great all-purpose gift for Mom! Reusable, pop-open Lawn and Leaf Bags can be used for picking up sticks and leaves, weeding in the garden, or even carting laundry around. You name it – they do it. Available in three sizes, these bags all fold flat for handy storage.

Raised Bed Kit

Raised Bed Kit

A beautiful yard will be sure to make Mom happy! Get (and install) the perfect raised bed for her, so she can garden in style. These kits are available in tons of sizes, and are easy to construct, so you can have it up and running before your mom even wakes up on Mother’s Day. How’s that for a great surprise?!

Swan Soaker Hose

Swan Soaker Hose

Are you thinking a hose isn’t quite the gift idea you had in mind? This hose is different! It will cut down water usage by up to 70%, saving your mom money, and keeping her dry! This made-in-the-USA hose will make watering her plants easy. It precisely delivers water right where plants need it, the roots! No more watering can or unwieldy hose out in garden for your mom – she can sit back and relax while the plants are watered!

Pop Basket

Pop Baskets

Hanging plants have never looked this good! These Pop Baskets are attractive, lightweight and Mom will love that they have a permanently attached saucer that pops down with ease. This saucer makes drainage a breeze during the growing season. When the flowers reach maturity, pop it back up for a great, finished look.

Backyard Beginner Greenhouse

Backyard Beginner Greenhouse

If you are looking to take this Mother’s Day over the top, we know how to do it! Get the world’s best mom a greenhouse she can keep in her own backyard. This hobby grower’s dream is designed for the serious home gardener. Let Mom grow her own organic vegetables at home to help her save money, while eating healthy. Make sure you have it installed by Mother’s Day!

Commercial Cold Frame

8 mm Heavy-Duty Commercial Cold Frame

Is a greenhouse a bit too big for your mom? Why not get her a cold frame instead? Help her start seedlings, toughen up young plants or over winter summer-rooted cuttings with this Heavy-Duty Cold Frame. 8 mm UV-stabilized polycarbonate panels will offer superior heat retention, while preventing sun scorch, so Mom will have a great harvest she can share with you and the family!

Wheel Pump Sprayer

Wheel Pump Sprayer

Backpack and handheld sprayers won’t please Mom as much as this rolling model will! Easy to use and store, your #1 woman will be able to offer her plants the nutrients they need without carrying around huge buckets or sprayers. We promise this will save you some Saturdays filled with helping out around the garden!

Watering Wand

28” Watering Wand

Give your mother nine water flow styles in one handheld watering wand! She will thank you for it when she doesn’t have to spend time changing nozzles while she’s working in the yard.  From washing her car to rinsing off mats and other household items, this heavy-duty wand will reach where your mom can’t – effortlessly!

We hope you found something perfect for your mom on this list. Be sure your gift arrives by Mother’s Day by ordering as soon as you have decided on what to buy. We are always happy to answer questions and will be sure to be available for your mom for any help she may need. We wish all the moms out there a great Mother’s Day. We hope the kids spoil you!

Do you think you got your mom the perfect gift? We’d love to hear about it!

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