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Give the Gift of Growing this Holiday Season!

Growers Supply Holiday Gift CenterIt’s that time of year again! If you’re like most people, there is a good chance there are a few stragglers on your holiday gift list. You know, those people who either already have everything or who are just too picky to ever know what to get them! Here at Growers Supply, we put together a few lists of our own that are meant to help you with those outstanding gifts, giving you more time to relax this holiday season. Each list is categorized by price, so finding a gift to fit any budget is easy. Here are a few of these items that we think could be perfect for those hard-to-gift folks on your list!

$25 & Under

Collapsible Lawn and Leaf Bags
It’s probably safe to say that anyone on your gift list dreads the annual autumn chore of removing leaves from their lawn and gardens. Give the gift of our Collapsible Lawn and Leaf Bags and make their job a little easier next fall! Available in 12, 25 or 46-gallon sizes, these bags are durable, lightweight and feature handles, making them ideal for removing leaves and other material from lawns, gardens and more. The collapsible design makes them easy to store when not in use. Give an extra bag or two for your friend to use around the house as well! They are great for laundry, toys, temporary storage and much more.

3-Piece Nozzle Set
Any gardener on your list will probably tell you the same thing—you can never have too many hose nozzles lying around! Whether they get lost, or the dog decides the handle looks like a great chew toy, nozzles always seem to disappear from any gardener’s tool basket. Solve their problem (for a little while, at least!) and give them this 3-Piece Nozzle Set. With adjustable brass tips, spray options and comfort grips, these nozzles will be a welcome addition to any gardener’s collection!

$50 & Under

Greenhouse Shelf Unit
A lack of space can sometimes become a problem for people who love to pack their greenhouses as full as they possibly can! For the plant enthusiast on your list, this Greenhouse Shelf Unit is a great solution. Capable of holding up to 40 lbs. per shelf, this unit is easy to assemble and sturdy enough to hold a variety of plants and flowers. More plant space is sure to please any grower on your list!

ValuTek Coil Hose Value Pack
Similarly to hose nozzles, most gardeners and growers would agree that extra garden hoses come in handy. Our ValuTek Coil Hose Value packs are sure to please a variety of friends on your list, complete with a unique floor or wall-mount design and heavy duty Pistol Grip Spray Gun. These hoses come in two sizes–75’ x 3/8” or 50’ x 5/8”—so finding an option for any size yard or garden is easy!

$100 & Under

Wheelbarrow-Style Cart
Loading and unloading bags of fertilizer, mulch or topsoil out of a traditional wheelbarrow is an awkward task and can put unnecessary stress on anyone’s back. Make it easier for the green thumbs on your list by giving them this Wheelbarrow Style Cart, which features a flat deck capable of handling up to 700 lbs! With handles and durable tires, this cart is the perfect solution for transporting heavy and awkward-shaped loads around the greenhouse, garden or yard.

ValuTek Hanging 3-Speed Circulation Fans
It may be cold now but come summer, the greenhouse enthusiast on your list will be glad for this gift. Available in 12” or 20”, these powerful hanging fans have adjustable speed settings, allowing for controlled air circulation. If the grower in your life would prefer a floor fan then this is the gift to give, as it is comes complete with feet, making it easy to convert into a standing unit.

$500 & UnderMini Cold Frame

Mini Cold Frames
The vegetable and plant grower on your list will tell you the importance of providing adequate shelter for tender young plants from cold winter air. Our Mini Cold Frames provide shelter for small or tender plants, or allow growers to start new plants earlier in the growing season. Available in a variety of sizes, these cold frames are an ideal solution to protecting delicate plants from direct exposure to winter conditions. When warmer weather arrives, these frames can continue being used by simply replacing the cover. This gift is sure to please any grower on your list throughout the year.

Rainwater HarvesterRainwater Harvester
Water is a precious resource, which most gardeners you know will tell you. Give the gift of responsible water recycling with this 55-gallon Rainwater Harvester, which collects rooftop run-off rainwater. This system is an ideal water supply for any application, including gardens, indoor and outdoor plants, birdbaths and more. With this harvester, the gardener on your list can feel good about conserving a valuable resource and reducing the load placed on municipal water supply. This system comes complete with a 7-ft. hose, winter plug, brass spigot, connector post and instructions.

What gifts are you planning on buying this year? Let us know in the comments!

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