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Photo Blog: Better Nature Produce

Growing microgreens in an NFT hydroponic system

Here at Growers Supply, we know that hydroponics isn’t just a passing fad. As more producers realize the benefits of hydroponics and controlled environment agriculture, the better quality fruits and vegetables we’ll find at farmer’s markets and grocery stores. As interest in hydroponic growing continues to increase, small growers such as Better Nature Produce are discovering a niche in hydroponic microgreen production.

Microgreens in Growers Supply NFT channels

In early 2011, Better Nature Produce began growing microgreens using soilless and controlled environment agriculture and now sells to a major supermarket chain and several food coops in upstate NY. Mark D. of Better Nature Produce worked with Growers Supply to custom design a hydroponic microgreens system for his small business. He says:

The knowledgeable staff from Growers Supply was instrumental in helping this startup company design a system using the Grow-Tek NFT Hydroponic Channels. The GT80 channels were selected because these channels have a 3” depth, making them more suitable for growing the taller pea and sunflower shoots.

Pea shoots in NFT channels

These pictures show various microgreens including broccoli, radish and a medley of five cruciferous vegetables in the top tier, and pea shoots in the middle and bottom tiers. Each rack is capable of producing over 50 pounds of microgreens every two weeks.

Microgreens in NFT hydroponic systemUnlike lettuce and herbs that are harvested days or even weeks before they reach their destinations to be sold at supermarkets, the microgreens that Better Nature Produce sells are fresh and vibrant. The popularity of hydroponic produce allows growers like Mark to build thriving businesses in their local communities.

Do you grow microgreens? How popular are they in your community?

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