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Sensaphone®: Protect Against the Unexpected in your Home, Garden Center or Greenhouse

Whether you own a nursery or garden center, or even a home, we understand that you want to keep your property safe so that you can enjoy some time away. Most people lock their doors before leaving their business for the night, going to bed or heading off to vacation, but why not install a little extra protection that lets you know your property is looked after even when you are miles away? Sensaphone is the market leader of affordable, easy-to-use devices that monitor your home, business, vacation home, greenhouse, high tunnel, nursery building or garden center. With Sensaphone systems you can monitor power outages, temperature fluctuation, water damage, intrusions and more.


Sensaphone systems are basically alarm systems that can be installed in many locations such as homes, businesses, greenhouses, garden centers and more. After specific events, the Sensaphone is triggered to send an alarm signal. The Sensaphone is programmed to call certain numbers after an event such as temperature, humidity or water pressure change, power outage or invasion, until it eventually gets a response, and will record the result of each and every phone call in a log.

All you need to hook up a Sensaphone is a phone line and power source. This means you will be able to use it in a dry area in a greenhouse or high tunnel as long as you can have a phone hookup installed. When installing Sensaphone systems, make sure you don’t place the units somewhere you would be afraid to place other electronics. For the most part, they should be kept clean and dry.

The Sensaphone unit is only able to test power and temperature, but there are a variety of sensors that can be purchased to monitor different conditions. These options include motion sensors, water detectors, humidistats, smoke detectors and more.


Sensaphone ® 400Sensaphone 400: This four-channel monitor communicates problems in simple English. It is designed to work with your existing phone line and can even share a line with an answering machine. If you are away from your property and want to check in on things, the 400 system will allow you to dial in for status reports. With a built-in microphone, this system allows you to listen in to what’s going on in the room the unit is located in. The Sensaphone 400 has four alarm inputs and can be programmed to call four different numbers until it gets an answer.

Sensaphone 800: Very similar to the 400 unit, this system has an added bonus of eight alarm inputs to monitor many more conditions. It can also dial eight different phone numbers if an alarm is triggered. Stay informed and in control even when you’re not there with status updates to your touch tone phone.

Sensaphone 1400 & 1800

Sensaphone 1400 and 1800: These systems can be used for a wide variety of applications such as greenhouses, vacations homes and garden centers. In addition to power failure and sound level, the 1400 will monitor four more conditions of your choice and the 1800 can stay on top of eight more conditions. Both systems will call eight numbers if triggered. Unlike the smaller systems, these units can also notify important people with text message alerts and has web page data display. Sensaphone 1400 and 1800 are great for commercial growers who want to keep tabs on all of their greenhouses, but don’t have enough time to go back and forth to monitor conditions themselves.

Sensaphone 2000: Unlike any other Sensaphone system, the 2000 can monitor eight conditions but report results to up to 32 locations. This unit can monitor room temperature, outside temperature, power supply, humidity, tank levels, flow rates, pressure and more and is really ideal for large-scale nursery or garden centers. You can reprogram your unit from virtually any location as the system can communicate via fax, phone, email, pager or computer.

Sensaphone ® 2000

There are many Sensaphone accessories available depending on your needs. If you would like some assistance designing the perfect setup for your home or business, feel free to contact us.


Sensaphone systems are not your everyday alarm system. Of course, these units can be used in your home simply for security purposes, but they are also complete monitoring systems for greenhouses, garden centers, businesses and more. For example, instead of physically walking through each greenhouse to check temperature and humidity levels, you can install one system that will notify you when any significant change occurs. Sensaphone will allow you to take a break now and then, knowing that your plants, property and more are being looked out for.

How do you protect your home or business from the unexpected?

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