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New Fall Products from Growers Supply

If you’re a greenhouse grower, get ready to be excited by the new products in our Fall 2012 catalog. Even if you don’t own a greenhouse, there’s sure to be something to pique your interest. The catalogs aren’t due in your mailbox until next week, but I thought I’d give you a sneak preview of some of the products that we’ve been working hard to add to our catalog.

Update and Customize Your Greenhouses

Greenhouse equipped with Gutter System, Power Vent Systems and Custom Vents using Aluminum Extrusions.Customize your new or existing greenhouses with our new Aluminum Extrusions. Available in 8’, 12’ and 24’ pieces, these Aluminum Extrusions will help you custom design roof, sidewall and end-wall vents. Whether your greenhouse design is A-Frame or Arch-Type, we can offer a solution for you.

Turn your manual vents into automatic vents with our Greenhouse Power Vent System. This system can be customized for any size side, roof or end-wall vents. Our greenhouse specialists will work with you to design the best Power Vent System for your setup.

We also now offer the parts you need to customize a gutter system for your greenhouse. Our Arch-Type and A-Frame gutter components are manufactured from durable 12-gauge steel for corrosion resistance. With components including open-ended gutters, gutters with downspouts, gutter extensions and more, you will be able create the ideal gutter system to control erosion around your greenhouse.

Heat Retention/Shade Screen Systems For further customization in your greenhouse, we also now offer Heat Retention/Shade Screen Systems that are designed to fit your needs. Whether you have a multi-acre facility or a backyard greenhouse, we can create a system that will reduce your energy costs by up to 30% and create an ideal growing environment.

These systems can be paired with our new Svensson FLS Reflective Shade, which protects plants from heat stress. With a highly reflective white side, this knitted shade limits light and heat transmission during the day for up to 25% in energy savings. At night, the black side helps reduce radiated heat loss for further energy savings. Versatile Svensson FLS Knitted Shade can also be used as for canopies, shade houses, garden centers and more.

Improve and Monitor Your Operation

Probably one of the most exciting new offerings in the fall catalog is our new line of LED grow lights from LumiGrow®. You’ll be hearing more about these in a special blog post next week, so I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Keep your eyes open for more information on these innovative LED grow lights that are the most efficient in the industry.

Economy Round Style High TunnelIf high tunnel production is your go-to method for growing quality crops, you’ll be happy to find out that our popular Economy Round Style High Tunnels are available in five new sizes. Those just starting out with high tunnel growing can get their feet wet with our economical 20’ wide by 24’ long and 20’ wide by 36’ long models. All models feature our 6 mil 4 year greenhouse film and Universal Joint Roll-Up for the sides, making ventilation easy.

For a low-cost way to be immediately alerted of a blackout, pick up one of our Power Failure Alarms. When the unit detects power failure, a high-pitched alarm sounds and a light turns on automatically. Knowing that the power is out the second it happens lets you take preventative measures to ensure your greenhouses and growing systems are unharmed.

Drip irrigation is one of the most efficient ways to make sure your crops are properly watered. We’ve made it easier to make sure your polyethylene tubing and barbed fittings are connected securely with new Ratchet Clamps. They are great for use in all low pressure irrigation systems, including in the field, greenhouse or landscaping applications.

Has this gotten you excited for your new catalog that’s coming in the mail next week? If you’re not already on our mailing list, be sure to sign up so you don’t miss out on great new products in the future.

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