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The Life and Times of Lucy Lettuce – The Final Chapter

Lucy Lettuce as a seedling
Is that a speck of dust? A sliver? No silly, it’s Lucy. It seems like just yesterday that Lucy Simpson Elite was born. She was very tiny but we already had big plans for her and all of her sisters and brothers who shared her birth (I mean plant) date.

Lucy Lettuce full grown
Before we new it, Lucy was all grown up. Thanks to her hydroponic upbringing, she was healthy and strong. But, it was time for Lucy to meet her fate.

Lucy Lettuce leaves home
It was a quiet morning like most any morning. “Time to go Lucy,”I said. She never saw it coming, the knife was sharp and clean.

Lucy Lettuce and her friends
Soon she was amongst all of her friends and neighbors, chilling out and feeling light and free.

Lucy Lettuce makes a delicious salad
We will miss you Lucy, but you were so delicious.

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