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Seed Starting Photo Tour – Part 1

Sam isn’t the only one who gets to have all the growing fun! At our Connecticut location, we are incorporating product training into a hands-on growing experience. Last year, we grew tomatoes in raised beds and dutch buckets, and the success we had gave us the confidence to expand our crop this year. We are growing flowers, including petunias and sunflowers, and veggies of course, including everything from jalapenos to potatoes to tomatoes this year. We are also experimenting with different types of growing. We will be growing hydroponically in NFT channels, in raised beds outside again, and inside the greenhouse.

The first seeds to get started were the petunias and jalapeno peppers. Let’s take a look at how we got started:

Standard cell inserts filled with Wonder Soil

We started March 7th with the petunias, combining Wonder Soil with water to make our growing media. Then we filled standard cell inserts.

Jalapeno seeds starting in Wonder Soil
The jalapeno planting started March 21st, also in Wonder Soil. The set up is just like the petunias: standard inserts in a 1020 flat without holes.

Misting with the FarmTek Pressure Sprayer
After the seeds are added, they get a nice spritz with a Growers Supply Pressure Sprayer then head into the humidity domes.

Grow lights hung with the Growers Supply Gripple System
The journey to germination will be done under grow lights hung with our Gripple Hanger System. The grow lights are being used for supplemental lighting. Set on a timer, they add a couple hours of light to the beginning and the end of the day.

Seeds get the right start on a Redi-Heat™ Heavy-Duty Propagation Mat
The germination station also includes a Redi-Heat™ Heavy-Duty Propagation Mat to add heat directly to the root zone.

Petunia seedlings
Wouldn’t you know it, the petunias are already popping up and the jalapenos aren’t far behind.

This is just the start of the growing season for us! We are looking forward to jalapeno poppers and pretty petunias and can’t wait to start the rest of our crops!

How is your seed starting going? What’s already coming up green?

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