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Greenhouse Benches: An Easier Way to Grow and Display your Plants

Greenhouse Benches 3Whether you grow for fun or operate a booming garden center, greenhouse benches can be a great way to grow crops or keep plants organized. Greenhouse benches can be made of a variety of materials and used in many of applications, so it is important to understand which combinations work best.


Growing: Benches can be great for growing potted plants for many reasons. First, the benches are able to hold many pots, giving you easy access to tend to them. Placing the pots on benches keeps them above the ground, allowing for easy drainage and air circulation. It is also easy to install accessories, such as heating systems and fans, around the benches to provide the perfect climate for your crops.

Display: Benches are also ideal as versatile and attractive display units in your nursery or greenhouse. If you have limited space, you can choose multi-tiered benches which present a wide variety of plants and create an aesthetically pleasing appearance, while maximizing your usable area. You also have the choice of removable wheel bottoms or stationary legs, depending on your mobility needs.


Plastic: Plastic bench tops create the ideal growing space. If you are looking for a space to grow potted plants, Grower Supply’s white PolyMax® boards placed on top of supports will work well. The white board will reflect light back up to the underside of the leaves, helping to make sure light is distributed evenly. Plastic also does not corrode, so draining water mixed with chemicals through a plastic bench will not cause damage. Plastic benches are usually temporary and can be moved easily.

Metal: Metal is an excellent material for constructing bench tops due to its long life and corrosion resistance. Metal benches, especially galvanized and stainless steel, are extremely strong and can hold many potted plants at once. They are also easy to maintain and do not require painting or frequent cleaning.

Regardless of what type of bench type you choose, you will have the same options for bench supports. Cement blocks are a common choice, especially for temporary benches. Many growers who choose metal frames opt to get the entire bench in metal. Wooden posts are another option, but make sure you choose a durable material such as Recycled Plastic Lumber.


There are many benefits of installing benches in your greenhouse. One of the greatest is the extra storage space the benches can provide. Not only can you either grow, or display plants on top of the benches, but the space underneath the benches can also be used to store extra pots, bags of soil, tools and more.

In a greenhouse without benches, it is hard to maneuver around the crops in order to take care of them. With greenhouse benches, accessing each and every plant is much easier when it comes to planting, watering and even selling what you’ve grown.

Greenhouse benches also help you control the temperature of the plants on top of it. One easy way to do this is to install a radiant heating system under the bench.

There are so many benefits of using greenhouse benches in your greenhouse or garden center, it is hard to list them all here. To explore your options, visit or call us today for help designing the perfect system for your needs.

Do you already have experience with greenhouse benches? Feel free to share your tips and tricks with growers who are trying to decide which type will work for them.

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