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5 Ways Greenhouse Radiant Heating Beats Traditional Methods

If you’re not using a radiant heating system in your greenhouse, you may be paying too much to keep your plants warm. Common forced-air heaters cause heat to be lost, which means wasted money and irregular temperatures at your plants’ root mass. Stop wasting energy and install a radiant heat system in your greenhouse to achieve the most cost-effective form of heat available. Here are the top five reasons radiant heating is better than traditional methods:

1. Even, Uniform Heat

Radiant coils under greenhouse benchesThis system produces even heat which gently warms the entire area, resulting in uniform heat levels and creating the ideal atmosphere for plants. Even heat distribution means less cool spots, which keeps the heat at the root mass. This is the best environment for your crops to thrive in and a radiant heat system ensures that they have the adequate level of heat needed 24/7. Traditional heating methods such as forced-air do not create this same effect, because they heat from the ceiling down. This creates circulation problems and varying levels of heat at your plants roots – where it counts.

2. Energy Savings

Radiant heating is more energy-efficient than alternative methods, like baseboard and forced-air systems. Primarily, there is no heat lost from irregular airflow which means you aren’t cranking up your heat when it isn’t needed to fill in the cool spots. A radiant system heats your greenhouse from the ground up, uniformly heating only your plants, so there’s no waste. Also, since this method saves you money on monthly fuel bills, it is ideal for areas off the power grid or in areas with high electricity prices.

3. Grow All Year Round

Radiant heating under soilBecause your crops are grown in the ideal controlled environment, they will flourish beautifully all year long. This means you will have a leg up on the competition, because you can bring your crops to market earlier and offer crops other growers aren’t as likely to have. Imagine the thrill of being able to provide out-of-season produce to people who would be willing to pay more for them – because they know they won’t find easily find them anywhere else.

4. Easy Maintenance

Monitoring and maintaining your radiant heating system is easy, because you’re not constantly worrying about the welfare of your plants. With this system, your plants have the adequate amount of heat that they need at all times, so you don’t have to change the controls or monitor the system as much as you would with a traditional heating method. You are automatically providing the best level of heat to your plants simply by having the system turned on.

5. Customizable Options

Concrete path with radiant heating systemThere are quite a few ways you can customize your radiant heating system for your greenhouse. One of the most popular applications is under concrete slabs on greenhouse benches. This allows for the most even heat distribution right at the root level and we have seen a lot of success with this method. With concrete slabs, we recommend using our TekFoil Reflective Insulation to minimize heat transfer loss. Another option that customers have experimented with is pex tubing in the soil of raised beds or under grow tables.

A radiant heating system is the way to go if you’re looking for a cost-effective option for your greenhouse. Growers Supply offers everything you need to build your own radiant system, including heat sources, thermostats, primary and secondary plumbing panels, manifold assemblies and pex tubing. Every system is custom designed, and you’ll need a hand figuring out exactly which components you need, so give us a call and one of our radiant specialists can help!

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  1. Dale Hummel #

    i just needed to see if radiant was the way to go.

    August 29, 2015

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