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Blooming Blogs – More of our Favorite Blogs from Across the Industry

A robin is a sure sign of springI saw a robin last Thursday but after last night’s rain, today is the first day I have seen them digging for worms. Sweet! Spring is indeed springing in the heartland! I’m sure all of you have been observing similar signs of Mother Nature wherever you may be located. As we all gear up for spring, we wanted to share with you some more of our favorite blogs and websites that we find especially helpful and informative. With all of the information out there, and never knowing who to trust, we felt that it would be nice to have a concise list available for you of some trusted sites to save you time and money this season. Please enjoy our friends’ works and tips that you will find here.

American Community Garden Association – The American Community Garden Association strives to develop awareness about the many benefits of community gardening in order to increase the presence of it in both rural and urban neighborhoods across the United States and Canada. On their website you’ll find interactive and educational tools allowing you to search the community garden database, as well as what you can do to connect with them and support the cause!

Ample Harvest – Tons of fresh produce is wasted when community gardeners’ harvests exceed what they can use. Ample Harvest is an organization dedicated to connecting those American gardeners who have extra food from their harvest with local food pantries in need of fresh produce. Visit their site to learn surprising statistics about hunger in America, how you can donate or to find a food pantry near you.

Food Resource & Action Center – The Food Resource & Action Center coordinates with national, state and local government agencies, nonprofit organizations and other associations to eliminate hunger problems in the United States by attacking the problem at its source – poverty. Visit the FRAC website to discover how they are working to cure the country’s hunger problem through legislative action, nutrition program initiatives and the release of data and publications to increase awareness.

You Grow GirlYou Grow Girl – Gayla Trail is the founder of You Grow Girl, an online community of growers who have a different approach to gardening. This unique method reaches out to people who want to grow their own food and plants with minimal space and a tight budget. Click to learn more about Gayla and how her methods can help you start and maintain your own small, yet successful garden. – Provided by Farm Aid, is a place where people can come together and discuss, share and learn from their experiences in everything regarding homegrown food. On their site you can start a discussion, join a group or simply learn about a variety of topics including growing, cooking, preserving and crafting your own food.

Mother Earth NewsMother Earth News – If you’re interested in organic gardening, simple and healthy living, green energy and more, then Mother Earth News is the lifestyle magazine for you. Read about some of these topics on the magazine’s website or sign up to get your own subscription.

The Happy Homesteader – This blog, provided by Mother Earth News, shares stories, tips, and ideas to readers and supporters of the magazine about today’s pressing gardening topics.

Garden Desk – Marc, the creator of this site, aims to educate readers about the importance and benefits of growing your own food, naturally. The Garden Desk is a place where people interested in organic gardening can go to find helpful hints, tips and ideas about composting, seed-starting, gardening products and more. – This innovative internet service offers an interactive tool that makes it easy for customers to plan and maintain their own customized vegetable gardens. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable gardeners and writers, these experts are always there to offer helpful advice through the website’s guides and blog.

Cornell University Gardening Resources – View Cornell University’s extensive collection of resources about vegetable gardening, available right from the institution’s Department of Horticulture gardening homepage. Here, you’ll find useful information on soil basics and common plant problems, plus growing guides and techniques to help any level grower.

Suburban Hobby Farmer – Bill Brikiatis started Suburban Hobby Farmer as an aid to hobby backyard growers so that they would have the right tools needed to create their own successful vegetable garden. His website offers articles organized into beginner, intermediate and expert level gardening, so that everyone visiting the site can get the right information that pertains to their needs.

The Permaculture Association (UK) – Permaculture involves the ethics of nature and the importance of sustainable agriculture on our planet. The Permaculture Association is a charity which supports this cause by providing information and resources in order to make our world a better place to live. Learn about their current projects on the organization’s website, and learn how you can get involved.

Veggie Gardening Tips – This helpful website is full of tips for everything from everyday gardening, to ornamental plants, to organic techniques for growing all kinds of vegetable, fruit and herb gardens.

National Gardening AssociationNational Gardening Association – The National Gardening Association (NGA) is an organization that strives to provide youth and their communities with free educational material regarding plants and the environment, as well as how these issues are important for healthy living. Their website has much to offer, including what programs and activities are happening right now and a research center where you can read interesting facts and surveys about community gardening.

If you didn’t catch part one of our favorites, check it out here : You Had Me at ‘Blog’ – Our Favorite Blogs (and more) from Across the Industry.

Did we miss anything?  What’s your favorite blog or website to get growing information from?

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