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3 Steps to Repair your Greenhouse or High Tunnel for Spring

Commercial GreenhouseHere comes spring! Sounds like good news, but the experienced grower knows it’s time to get down to business. The beauty of using a greenhouse or high tunnel is having control over the climate. With holes or damage to your structure, you lose that benefit. Now’s the time to make your post winter repairs and do some spring cleaning. So, let’s talk about greenhouse and high tunnel repair.

1. Inspect your structure.

It is a good idea to inspect your structure periodically to hopefully spot any problems before they happen. Start externally, watching for any spring that may have come loose from u-channels and possible holes in your poly film. Look for any screws that may have worked loose and tighten if necessary. In polycarbonate greenhouses, look for excessive condensation on the inside of the panel. This could indicate a crack or that the porous tape on the bottom of the polycarbonate has become clogged with debris and needs replacing. Make sure that vents are unobstructed and in good working order. As the days get warmer, good working vents are essential to optimizing your plant health. Look along the base of your greenhouse for any areas where mice or other pests may be able to enter. Are your gutters draining properly? If not, it may be necessary to install heat tape in your greenhouse gutter in the winter months, if you live in a northern region.

High Tunnel On the inside of your structure, look for any water leaks. Be sure your GFIs are in good working order. Clean filters regularly to help prolong pump life. Calibrate your pH/EC meters monthly to know you have accurate readings. Keep all plant debris cleaned up at all times and sanitize your tools regularly.

2. Gather your tools and supplies.

Now that you have identified what needs fixing, get your tools together and get busy. We use some specialty tools like an “easy-out” to easily remove broken tees. When repairing poly film, clean it first to remove soil and grease then use greenhouse premium repair tape, specially designed for this application, to patch any rips or tears.

3. Make repairs.

Now that you have gathered your proper tools, make your repairs with confidence! Here are some video tutorials to walk you through common greenhouse and high tunnel repairs.

Greenhouse Premium Repair Tape

Film Cover Installation

U-Channel Installation

What is the most common repair you make on your greenhouse or high tunnel in the spring?

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  1. Elmarie #

    I need to repair my tunnel it was burn in fire

    August 28, 2017
    • We are sorry to hear that and we are more than willing to help in any way that we can. We recommend contacting one of our specialists by phone at 800-476-9715 to discuss the process of repairing and replacing your high tunnel. We hope to hear from you soon.

      August 28, 2017

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